love, hidden in the eyes

  In one’s life, it is not easy to meet someone who knows and loves each other. If you are lucky enough to meet someone, you must cherish them. When you meet the person you love, whether it’s actions or eyes, you will show love, so that people can know how much this person loves you at a glance. When he falls in love with you, he will try his best to protect you, hoping to go to the end with you and spend his whole life with you.
  Propacus once said: “The eyes are the first to announce a tender love story.” For the person who loves you, his eyes will fall on you from time to time, and he will stare at you and laugh from time to time. You can read his mind by looking at his eyes.
  During the party, my friend Cheng Cheng’s eyes are always on Weiwei. He always observes Weiwei from the corner of his eye from time to time, watching her every move, seeing some cute expressions of Weiwei, and secretly smiling When someone asked Cheng Cheng why he was laughing, he couldn’t tell why. Throughout the party, Cheng Cheng always put Weiwei’s favorite dishes in front of her, and when she saw that Weiwei’s glass was out of water, Cheng Cheng would actively refill it for her. Only a boy who is in love, his eyes will light up when he sees someone he likes.
  If you are not sure whether a person likes you, you can see whether his eyes are indifferent or radiant. He may not be good at expressing his love, but his eyes can tell everything. People who like you look at you differently .
  Love is like this, you don’t need words, just a look, you can know it, just a look, you can be sure that you are the person he will keep with you in this life. True love is hard to find, and true love is hard to find. If you meet a man who is full of you, don’t let him down, and don’t miss such a good love.