Methodology of live broadcast of industrial products

  Consumer goods are based on the attributes of mass daily use and the tendency of brands to be entertained, and are highly integrated with e-commerce live broadcast platforms. Live broadcasts are booming, and the live broadcast ecology has been improved, and sales growth has been promoted through new content experience.
  On the other hand, industrial product brands have poor people-friendly attributes, lack of entertainment, and professional sales channels. The implementation of consumer e-commerce live broadcast platforms has insufficient focus, slow results, and low conversion rates. In other words, the live broadcast ecosystem of industrial products is still incubating, growing and improving.
Live broadcast of industrial products is necessary for “slow marketing”

  Although the audience and transaction volume of the goods are not comparable to those of consumer goods, live broadcast, as a new soil for industrial product marketing, is an important part of the digital transformation of industrial product enterprises, and it is also an important place for industrial products to realize the closed loop of online and offline marketing. area. In addition, compared with offline transaction scenarios, marketing leads (MQL) can be harvested through live streaming, which is screened, cultivated, and transformed to capitalize, with long-term repurchase and additional purchase value, which is of great significance to the growth of industrial product sales. important meaning.
  Industrial product procurement is planned procurement, expert procurement and mature procurement. Customers can only make purchasing decisions after they recognize the brand, understand the product and evaluate the price. Whether it is competitive purchasing or daily random purchasing, brand insight and product perception are important factors that affect customer decision-making. Industrial product manufacturers must give customers the opportunity to learn, time to think and space to evaluate.
  Obviously, live broadcast marketing of industrial products is “slow marketing”, and customers need a cognitive process. It is foreseeable that in the future, live streaming of industrial products will become an important battlefield for sales to B-end (enterprises), G-end (government), A-end (developers, operators) and C-end (consumers). An important channel for experience, knowledge popularization, technical services and procurement sources. The essence of live broadcast delivery of industrial products is private domain marketing, which is inseparable from the connection of traffic fields and user relationships. Accumulate private domain traffic (potential customers) resources and convert them into customer assets, that is, retain capital, interact and form qualified sales leads (SQL), and even convert transactions, but it is definitely not based on efficient conversion, high-frequency repurchase, and large-scale centralized procurement. marketing goals.
  Industrial product users include channel users and end users, channel users include industrial product e-commerce platforms, distributors, agents and retailers, and end users include commercial users and individual users. However, this is only a narrow customer concept. Industrial product companies should establish the concept of “big customer”, that is, customers include not only channel intermediaries and buyers in the market, but also other stakeholders, such as shareholders, actual controllers, suppliers, Production outsourcing partners, logistics service providers, financial service providers, content service providers and other social and market forces.
  Therefore, the live marketing of industrial products should not only market the “strong nodes” of the industry, but also promote the brand’s social honor.
Logic rules for live broadcast of industrial products

  It is difficult to achieve immediate results for live streaming of industrial products, and the conversion rate and sales turnover (GMV) are generally not key performance indicators (KPI). In addition, the same-day return rate, seven-day return rate, payment rate, etc. are not the criteria for evaluating the return on investment (ROI) of live broadcast activities. However, popularity indicators such as the average online time of users and the number of peak online users are still valid.
  However, there is a “private domain warm-up + policy explosion point” live broadcast delivery model with the possibility of large-scale transactions (sales volume, transaction amount), usually 15-30 days in advance to warm up the private domain customer base, and formulate a limited-time sales service policy, And in the live broadcast room, the incentive policy was unpacked on the spot to promote the collective repurchase or additional purchase of old customers.
  Jiangsu Yangli Group’s test water machine tool live broadcast brought goods, breaking the face-to-face negotiation mode of the large-scale machinery and equipment industry. There are two machine tools on the shelves in the live broadcast room, one is MC1 series open single-point high-precision high-performance presses, with a total of 11 models, and the other is PB series mechanical compensation CNC bending machines, with a total of 8 models. This live broadcast includes demos, discounts, gifts, and lottery draws, as well as professional machine R&D engineers and sales elites to answer questions. The live broadcast lasted for 7 hours, attracting nearly 20,000 viewers to watch online. Many VIP customers of Yangli Group placed online orders and reached online orders for dozens of machine tools, with a turnover of several million yuan.
  The live broadcast of industrial products must be based on the attributes of industrial products to establish industry-specific trading logic.
  Brand first, marketing second
  In industrial products, white-brand products are mostly low-value consumables or non-standard products, which will gradually fade out of the mainstream industrial product market. It is difficult for such products to enter the industrial product live broadcast room. With the acceleration of the globalization of industrial product circulation and the acceleration of industrial product e-commerce platformization, the standardization of industrial products has become inevitable, and will become the basis for industrial product e-commerce selection. For example, Jingdong Industrial Products has established a Mercator standard commodity library to solve the problems of inconsistent product information and parameters in the field of industrial products, and imperfect industry attributes, and to help purchasing customers achieve rapid sourcing.
  Moreover, the branding of standard products is an inevitable trend. When industrial products enter the live broadcast room, the marketing goal should put the brand in the first place, because the brand is the first element for customers to enter the purchase list. Application cases, benchmark customers, etc.
  Knowledge first, policy second
  In the category of industrial products, there is a category of industrial products with the attributes of durable consumer goods, such as Bosch power tools, bull electrical switches, and Opel lighting fixtures. Driven by knowledge sharing, professional speech, atmosphere creation and sales policies, such industrial live broadcast rooms are conducive to the realization of large-scale dynamic sales. However, products such as PM (production materials), MRO (materials for maintenance, repair, and operation of equipment), and IM (industrial equipment) are difficult to sell on a large scale. Based on rational procurement, expert procurement and process procurement, they must go back to offline for scientific evaluation. Only after in-depth consultation can the transaction be concluded.
  Therefore, most industrial product marketing needs to promote professional knowledge. The advantage is that live broadcast audiences are very interested in popular science knowledge, which is far more important than marketing policies and fancy atmosphere creation.
  Professional first, public second
  In recent years , the popularization of industrial product marketing has shown a trend of landing, but the goal of popular marketing is to spread and shape brands, build brand influence and serve downstream customers, and cooperate with customers to establish “middleware” Brand image, and help downstream customers to achieve product marketing promotion.
  However, the main target groups for live streaming of industrial products are still professional procurement groups, such as customer procurement team members (buyers, influencers, decision makers and users). Enterprises can conduct market education and popularization based on their personal interests and work needs. Live broadcast is almost the cheapest air communication position.
  Self-broadcasting first, proxy broadcasting second
  Industrial products usually have the characteristics of high technical complexity, high user involvement, strong professionalism and technicality, high degree of complexity, and relatively low transaction conversion rate. Extremely inadvisable.
  In a word, industrial product manufacturers must be professional and professional for anchors and sub-broadcasters. Only through professionals bringing professional goods can the quality of industrial products be highlighted.

  Industrial product manufacturers should focus on the brand self-broadcasting system, which can unite industrial product manufacturers, distributors, agents, retailer stores, integrated e-commerce live broadcast channels, industrial product vertical e-commerce live broadcast platforms and other channel forces to jointly create a “factory broadcast”. +Superstore broadcast” mode.
  User first, channel second
  Live broadcast delivery is mainly for end users. Through brand communication and customer cognition accumulation, serve the future transformation of potential customers.
  The live broadcast for channel dealers should be based on product knowledge dissemination, product function experience and technical service support, focusing on improving the quality, literacy and ability of dealers and agents. At the same time, industrial product manufacturers can also support distributors, agents or retailers to do live broadcasts, and provide language training, scene materials, props and technical support, and even necessary marketing service policies, so as to achieve integrated channel marketing.
Marketing Opportunities for Industrial Live Streaming

  The dividend period of live broadcast marketing of industrial products is coming, and the traffic dividend can be transformed into a growth dividend.

  Mainstream industrial product e-commerce platforms live streaming
  Some e-commerce platforms have already set up industrial product channels, such as Tmall Industrial Products (now transferred to DingTalk SaaS platform), Jingdong Industrial Products, 1688 Industrial Products, and Pinduoduo has also begun to try to “downgrade industrial products”. ”, and the “Duoduo Live” function has been opened, and the Pinduoduo live broadcast control tool has been developed., Suning Tesco, etc. are still testing the “enterprise procurement” channel, and they are also developing the B-side commercial market.
  The live broadcast of industrial products should pay attention to relatively neutral public domain live broadcast platforms, such as WeChat video account and WeChat video store, which are connected with the public account, providing an excellent mixed domain live broadcast position for industrial product manufacturers.
  Many mainstream industrial products e-commerce companies are actively involved in the field of live broadcast. For example, China’s industrial products B2B e-commerce unicorn Zhenkunxing and launched a joint live broadcast; industrial products B2B digital service provider Guolian Co., Ltd. is based on the multi-vertical e-commerce business, starting the industry Product/raw material live broadcast season; 1688 industrial brand joins hands with brand owners to create a “brand + live broadcast” model and carry out the “Joint Alliance” online live broadcast event; Baldor Group joins hands with 1688 brand station and Taobao live broadcast to enter the Baldor smart factory, in Baldor The German e-commerce platform launched an online live broadcast of “Energy-saving Baldor-Quality Celebrity Show”, which comprehensively displayed the advanced production process of various star products of Baldor Smart Factory, analyzed the products and helped the brand to digitally upgrade.
  Third-party general distributor/general agent platform live broadcast
  Today , industrial product general distributors have also started the process of live broadcast delivery.
  For example, misumi opened a live broadcast room on Weibo. Misimi was originally a Japanese machinery manufacturing brand, but in addition to its own brand products, it also imported other Japanese brands of industrial products, concentrated in the Misimi mall, and became the general distributor of many Japanese brands in China.
  Another example is that Zhongyeda, as a leading domestic industrial electrical distribution company, acts as an agent for 100+ industrial electrical brands and has a product SKU of 900,000+. , Sanli Electric and other brands to carry out live broadcast activities.
  The new generation of people involved in mining goes to the front desk
  At present, a large number of “post-90s” and “post-00s” new generation employees enter the workplace. According to the big data of, in recent years, the proportion of “post-90s” senior managers has been on the rise: in 2018, it accounted for 17.34%, and in 2020, the proportion increased to 24.1%.
  The new generation has grown up with the Internet and is full of personality, which will undoubtedly have an important impact on the business management model of enterprises, including the procurement model. Online learning (OLM) and online procurement have become the main features of the new generation, and live streaming of goods caters to the new generation. Digital procurement forces industrial product manufacturers to change their sales and service models.
  VR/AR technology creates a new live broadcast experience
  Many industrial products have complex structures, built-in components, and complex technologies. Full-dimensional detailed interpretation of the products is required when live broadcasts bring goods. Without the support of VR/AR technology, it is difficult to display industrial products in a 360-degree or even 720-degree panoramic view without dead ends.
  The application of 5G technology has enabled 5G+VR/AR live broadcast applications to have a technical base, which has laid a technical foundation for creating a virtual live broadcast room and combining virtual digital anchors to carry out live broadcasts. In addition, VR/AR live broadcast supports multi-terminal playback, which can open up e-commerce platforms for industrial products to live broadcast goods, new product launches, exhibitions, webinars and other marketing scenarios, and can capture every information detail from a global perspective, breaking through Time and space are limited and bring a new audio-visual experience to online audiences, such as various camera close-ups, product panoramas, data reports, commentary information, live events, etc.
Improve the live broadcast marketing power of industrial products

  The live broadcast of industrial products is different from the live broadcast of consumer products. Consumers are familiar with the brand, while many industrial product brands are hidden brands. They have influence in the professional field, but they lack public influence.
  Industrial products are also actively carrying out popular brand marketing, focusing on four types of products:
  First, key middleware. Achieve brand marketing synergy with customers and empower downstream customer brand marketing. Such as Intel processors, AMD processors, ARM chips, Cummins engines and other core components and components.
  The second is the daily industrial products for both commercial and civilian use, such as power tools and daily tools.
  The third is industrial equipment for both commercial and civilian use, such as commercial vehicles and construction machinery. These equipments can be used for industrial production, commercial operation, and personal wealth creation.
  Fourth, industrialized consumer goods. When some consumer goods are purchased for commercial users, they also have the attributes of industrial products. Such products are usually sold on the “Enterprise Acquisition” channel of consumer e-commerce platforms. For example, Qixin Group in the cultural office supplies industry conducts live broadcasts for channel-end and commercial purchase-end customers.
  Therefore, industrial product brands that actively carry out mass marketing are more suitable for live broadcast (delivery) marketing, and can be broadcast live on national entertainment platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and video accounts.
  Machine tools, compressors and other equipment in industrial products are usually sold to industry, commerce, and government. For such products, the live broadcast field of industrial products e-commerce platforms is an ideal choice, such as Jingdong Industrial Products, 1688 Industrial Products, and
  How to improve the marketing power of live broadcast of industrial products?
  To create a live broadcast room brand IP,
  industrial product live broadcast should focus on creating “three IPs”: one is the live broadcast room brand IP, such as Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast room in the field of consumer goods – “make friends”; the second is the anchor IP, long-term consideration to cultivate multi-level Own anchor IP, such as entrepreneurs, sales service managers, store managers and other live broadcast teams; the third is industrial product brand IP.
  Industrial product manufacturers must rely on brand strength to impress users, build private domain traffic pools around product brand IP, and accumulate customer assets in order to carry out continuous marketing, in-depth marketing and fission marketing.

  Focused selection of live broadcast products It is no problem to enrich the selection of
  consumer products, but the selection of products for live broadcast of industrial products must be focused and precise.
  This has three meanings: one is to focus on one brand, and only select a series of products of one brand for each live broadcast, which is more conducive to the targeted penetration and communication of the brand; the other is to focus on one category, choose a single-category series of products and explain it thoroughly, it is easier to let The target group understands and remembers; the third is the solution principle, focusing on one type of business, based on the pain points and real needs of the customer’s industry or enterprise itself, and providing different solutions for several application scenarios.
  Multi-scene live broadcast with goods
  Some consumer goods have opened up the live broadcast rooms of different e-commerce platforms to share live broadcast content, realize simultaneous broadcast, and expand the coverage of sales fields. Industrial products can also be traded in the same way to perform combined live broadcasts of multiple live broadcast domains.
  For example, Shenyang Daily joined hands with General Technology Shenyang Machine Tool, established an all-media studio, and carried out live broadcasts. Through the Shenyang Publishing APP and the Fingertip Shenyang APP under the Shenyang Daily Office, and the Weibo, Douyin, and video accounts of the Shenyang Daily, Shenyang Evening News, Shenyang Metro News, Shenyang Net and other media platforms, the effect is very good.
  For other live broadcast scenarios or functional scenarios, multi-scenario combined live broadcast can also be realized. For example, the media live broadcast scene in conjunction with the media, such as variety show live broadcast and festival live broadcast, such as cooperation with CCTV, Hunan Satellite TV, Station B and other film and television media, video media and even print media live broadcast rooms. Another example is to use industrial product exhibition scenes, new product launch scenes, seminar scenes, e-commerce cloud live broadcast scenes, customer service scenes, etc. to carry out live broadcasts.
  In May 2020, the first China (Shanghai) Industrial Products Online Trading Festival and JD Industrial Products, with the theme of “JD Industrial Products Super Category Day”, launched the live show of the first activity week of the trading festival, jointly with Schneider, Kimberly-Clark and Chint Electric. , German Rheinland and more than 20 industrial product brands launched live broadcasts.
  The combination mode of “factory broadcast + super-store broadcast” The construction of the self-broadcasting system for
  industrial product brands is very important. The factory broadcast should be started first to pave the way for the store broadcast.
  Factory broadcast is the live broadcast of the factory. You can visit the brand culture center, innovation R&D center, or show the digital and intelligent workshop environment, manufacturing line, and dissection production process through on-site factory inspection or virtual experience of VR factory scene, so as to win the trust of customers from the source. Of course, you can also use the product experience center or product showroom as a base to carry out live streaming.
  Super Store Broadcasting is an industrial product manufacturer or channel provider, with star clerks paired with Internet celebrity anchors, through industrial product brand video accounts, calling and gathering all the stores with live broadcast conditions to participate in a full range of stores, through live broadcast (with goods) marketing, to develop real-time online channels Bring the goods on.
  In addition, the B-side live broadcast anchor is different from the C-side live broadcast anchor. The anchors of industrial live broadcasts must be professional, and the anchors should understand the industry, the market, technology, products, and services. For self-owned anchors, you can choose KOS (Key Opinion Sales) of companies, distributors, agents, and retailers, such as product managers, sales managers, and star clerks; for online celebrities, you can choose to have influence in the professional field Powerful experts, such as professionals in scientific research institutes, professional media, etc., as KOL (Key Opinion Leader) or KOP (Key Opinion Professional), and even internal marketing service managers of enterprises can also become Internet celebrities.
  The live broadcast matrix cooperates with the delivery of goods
  The live broadcast matrix includes a horizontal matrix and a vertical matrix. Horizontal matrix refers to the live broadcast alliance established by cross-enterprise alliances in the nature of industry alliances, such as jointly creating regional public brands such as industrial belt brands and industrial cluster brands. The vertical live broadcast matrix, also known as the supply chain live broadcast matrix, refers to the mutual cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises based on the enterprise channel value chain to create a joint live broadcast matrix.
  From another perspective, the live broadcast matrix of industrial products enterprises can also cover multiple business scenarios of the enterprise, such as training live broadcast, marketing live broadcast, exhibition live broadcast, office live broadcast, recruitment live broadcast and other internal application scenarios, penetrate into all aspects of enterprise operation and management, and establish enterprises and brands.