Moon is hometown Ming

  I always think that autumn is my season. In fact, it is also a season for everyone. In autumn, there is the ultimate blooming of life, you see, the maple leaves dance a warm red; in autumn, there is a harvest with a smiling face, you smell it, the fruit is ten miles of fragrance; in autumn, there is a reserve for life’s efforts , You see, the young students are full of confident smiles, heading for a bright future; in the autumn, there is a soothing helpless life, you listen, the song “The Moon Is Hometown Ming” sings in the heart of every wanderer; In autumn, there is a feeling of parting, “When will the bright moon pay me back?” When you lower your head, the thick and insoluble longing will breed and spread in your heart…
  We often go out under the stars and return home under the moonlight. In the vicissitudes of life, I chanted “Look up at the bright moon, look down at the hometown”, “I hope people will be long, and we will be together for thousands of miles.” …Gradually, the moon is full of Mid-Autumn Festival.
  Many of us are busy and busy for life, and we rarely think of our hometown. However, every time the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the nostalgia for my hometown is deepened. In fact, it is not to miss the hometown, but to miss the people and things related to the hometown. Mr. Ye Shengtao once said: “I have never been in love with my hometown. When I think of it, my hometown is very cute. I don’t understand why I have such a deep emotion? After thinking about it, it is very simple. Because there are in my hometown. The love, and the love is only in my hometown, so I can’t give up.” In
  this issue of literary pioneer teacher Wei Laian wrote in the article “Jujube”: “I think of the Zaoyuan in my hometown, as if watching People in their hometowns are also admiring the jujube flowers. They looked at them and smiled, and when they placed hope, they also smiled. There were tears of joy in their smiling eyes. It is the people in their hometown who are full of jujube flowers and life. A smile of hope and happiness.” Yes, we have such deep feelings for our hometown, and we have a deep love for all the plants and trees in our hometown. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming again, and the homesickness is strong. This issue specially launches the theme essay “Mid-Autumn Moon Round”, let us look up to the same moon in each real article, and feel the taste of longing and the joy of reunion.
  All of these are given to us by the seasons, given to us by traditional culture, and given to us by this always-hot and beating heart. So, let us temporarily escape the busy life and feel the family, the longing, the breeze and the bright moon!
  The most important thing is to fall away from people’s hearts. There is too much to say in this season, and there is too much sadness in this season. We can only look up to the bright moon, tell with poetry, and explain with poetry culture. So, just walk into this issue and find the poem that impresses you the most.
  It’s another autumn. I hope that in the beautiful land of “Young Writers”, there will be towering trees and fruitful fruits!
  I hope that our “Young Literary Artist” will always be your literary home, where there are your relatives and friends, with your lingering homesickness, and a brighter moon!
  The moon is the Ming of the hometown, and we will appreciate the moon together!