My “small data” life

  When I wake up in the morning, I touch my phone immediately, turn on the screen with my fingerprint, and click on the sleep recording software. Enter the time to fall asleep, then enter the time to wake up, and watch the system automatically generate the sleep time. If it lasts only four or five hours, I will choose “Painful” in “Wake Up Feeling”; if it is more than seven hours, I will choose “Relaxed”, send a screenshot to my friends refreshed, and share that I have slept enough happy.
  My friends don’t understand why I care so much about sleep time. I said that all kinds of popular science information are saying that getting enough sleep can effectively improve immunity, relieve fatigue, and reduce stress; if lack of sleep, it will lead to obesity, depression, and serious illness. sudden death. My friend said that she knows that sleep is important, but she doesn’t understand why I don’t use my body to feel the quality of sleep, but use the length of time as a measure? I can’t help it, this body has been with me for many years, and has been consumed by me willfully until now. It is already tired and dull. Many things can’t be trusted just by its feeling. For example, sometimes I feel very sleepy, and when I count on my fingers, I have obviously slept for eight and a half hours; sometimes, I obviously stayed up late the night before, but I am very excited the next morning. As soon as there are more such unconventional reactions, I know that my body is not reliable at all. I might as well follow the data, cheer up, get more sleep, and guide the body to respond as it should. For those owed, it’s better sooner than later. Speaking of which, I not only record sleep time, but also record the number of exercise steps, the number of grams of food eaten, the amount of water drunk, the number of pages read, the number of words and the duration of writing. In a busy and stressful life, I survived by pieces of data.
  Every time I exercise, I have to bring my mobile phone to record the number of steps. If I forget to wear a sports belt, even if the movement is inconvenient and there is no way to meet the standard, I will firmly hold the mobile phone in my hand. If I went downstairs to pick up a courier or forgot to bring my mobile phone when I went to the bathroom, I would be very annoyed, as if Lu Bai had left. It is easy to take 5,000 steps to work, but if you spend time exercising and the number of steps exceeds 15,000, you can’t help but post screenshots in the group, asking for praise. People may lie, but the data is not fake, and it is very proud to have pictures to prove it. And how much I exercise every day and how much I exercise every week, if all this information is recorded in my head, it will be really difficult. As I get older, my memory gets worse and worse, and many things become blurred. Refreshing hard and searching is still blank; many people’s names are forgotten as soon as they open their mouths. That uncle is almost there. Fortunately, the mobile phone has a storage function, which helps me remember like my acquired organ, allowing me to salvage at will through the long river of time.

  The habit of recording grams of food was developed in May last year. At that time, my weight rose to the highest peak in my personal history, and weight loss was imminent. I don’t want to go on a diet, because all these years of going on a diet has led to binge eating, which is also the reason why I am losing more and more weight. I chose a calorie deficit as a guideline for weight loss. I can only use a food scale to measure out my three meals a day to ensure that I do not exceed the calorie limit and try my best to achieve the good effect of not eating and not starving. As a self-disciplined thin person, my friend cannot understand the deep guilt I felt when I put down my chopsticks before realizing my stomach was full. In the past, I felt that I didn’t eat much. I thought that my genes should be fat, and I would gain weight if I drank cold water. When I recorded the grams of my diet, I suddenly discovered that my favorites were all high-calorie, high-sugar, and high-fat foods. If I put together the food I eat in one day, it is enough for others to eat for three days. Every fat man who ate up his dreams is not innocent.
  To reduce my intake, I count every morsel and chew thirty times. Even if the food disappears in my mouth after counting silently to twenty, I will persist in counting and take a bite. In this way, the eating time is deliberately prolonged, and no matter how unresponsive the stomach is, it will eventually give me a signal of “not hungry”, but in fact I don’t eat much. Up to now, my weight loss speed is not very fast, but losing 22 pounds makes me sure that this method is healthy and effective, although it is a bit troublesome. Because of the recording of dietary data, my day is divided into three nodes according to three meals. If the calorie value of this meal is just right, it will generate a lot of happiness, enough to last until the next node.
  Drinking plenty of water is also good for weight loss. It just so happens that the software for calculating dietary calories includes the item of water. I measured the commonly used porcelain cups and glass cups, and after figuring out how much a cup holds, I got used to recording the amount of water I drink. Boiled water, black coffee, soybean milk, milk, roses, black wolfberry tea… There are too many delicious and healthy drinks. Drinking water is not difficult for me, but not for my mother. A few years ago, my mother suddenly had an unbearable abdominal pain, and she couldn’t straighten up at home. I went to the hospital with her, and she cried in pain, and I cried in pain. After a series of examinations, the doctor said that he had kidney stones, should he drink less water? My mother said a lot, she can drink two jars a day, not counting the water in porridge and soup. The doctor said, how big is the tank? Do you have five hundred milliliters? My mother was at a loss when asked. The doctor said to drink plenty of water, otherwise you will have to commit another crime in the future. After the stone was passed out, my mother forgot about the pain and only felt uncomfortable drinking water. She said that people’s physiques are different. She doesn’t like to drink water by nature. If she drinks too much water, she will vomit, and she really can’t drink it. Until she was admitted to the hospital again due to kidney stones, my mother was finally willing to spend time skipping rope every day, and she was able to drink six or seven glasses of water. Perhaps when the crime is severe, it is human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. My mother changed her mind and said, water is good, it is as effective as medicine, and it doesn’t cost money to buy, and it’s not bitter, just go to the toilet more often, it’s detoxification. Every now and then, I would share with my mother the stamp of “Goal Achieved” on my water drinking record. It seemed to be showing off, but in fact I checked the posts and secretly reminded her not to forget to drink more water.
  Reading this matter has become more and more strenuous in recent years. Free time is always taken away by videos, film and television dramas. It is hard to find time to read. What is the fear? If I read that kind of old sayings and comprehension novels that are strongly promoted on the Internet, with hundreds of thousands of characters, I will finish reading them all night long. If it is pure literature, the progress is slow, and it is difficult to read a few pages. I bought Atwood’s “Blind Assassin” for two years and haven’t finished reading it. I still haven’t opened a few copies of “Novel Monthly” ordered in 2020. People can’t always eat junk food. If the mind is filled with vulgar interests, there will be no room for improvement. So, I forced myself to clock in and record every day, and read fifty pages of pure literature. Once I finished it, I felt very at ease. If I didn’t finish it today, I will try to make up for it tomorrow. With this “fifty pages a day” Shangfang sword hanging above my head, I, a lazy person who is “heart-beating helicopter action tractor”, can finally pay off the reading debt I owe a little bit.
  My lover watched my data life coldly, thinking that my life was trivial and troublesome, and advised me not to rely on data, but to rely on feelings. For example, in reading, he thinks that I should care about the feeling and harvest of reading, not the number of pages read, saying that I am a bit formalistic. I know what he said is right, but for me who has just embarked on the “right path”, I must first use data to supervise, and then I will be able to live a life that is regular and efficient by feeling, otherwise there may be no future. The same is true for writing. If you only look at the results, then I should have given up on the periphery of the literary world for several years, because I am neither talented nor hardworking. Frustration or flatness are common emotions for me. It is rare to experience flow, write high-quality text in a short time, and be emotionally excited. A flash of inspiration can never be found, so I can’t look up and wait for the inspiration to come before I start.
  I can write for two or three hours a day and write one or two thousand words. This is my confession to myself. After I finish it, my spirit will be very satisfied and my mood will be very peaceful. Without such data support, I would not be able to keep writing. There are too many people younger than me, more talented than me, and more productive than me. Their information should screw me up. It is said that now is the era of big data. My tiny data is not worth mentioning, but it is full of my efforts, expectations and loneliness. In my ordinary life, I have small goals to accomplish every day. Create new hope.