Note life

   Notes, stay with me forever. When I was a student, notes were my sharp weapon for exams. College notes can be said to be the cornerstone of learning. What is collected in the notes is the essence of the professor’s thoughts, which is extremely precious. However, those who take notes must chew carefully, ruminate back and forth, and work hard to digest, in order to integrate and extend new experiences.
   After I became a reporter, I carried a blank notebook with me. When conducting interviews, I used my own shorthand skills—when the other party was talking, I recorded the main points of his speech in key words, a long string of words , often condensed into just a few words. After the visit, I turned the pen into a thread, added words and sentences, and completely connected the scattered pearls. At this time, the notes are like a mirror, and the highlights, weaknesses and characteristics of the interviewee’s personality are all hidden. This kind of training at work will be of great benefit to me when I write novels and shape characters in the future.
   When walking around the world, the notebook is my close “travel companion”. It records every bit of my journey and is the “memory bank” for me to measure the land. Over the years of self-help travel, the daily itinerary is full, the boats are exhausted, the time is limited, the energy is limited, and it is impossible to record the experiences along the way in detail; at this time, the experience of “seeing all directions and listening to all directions” comes in handy Useful, I read, I listen, and then, try to select the main points to memorize; Sometimes, a notebook is full and worried about losing it, so I use my mobile phone to take a picture of each page of the note and store it in the cloud of the computer, so I can rest easy! After returning from the trip, the information in the notes has been turned into a lively travel note, helping others to travel around the world.
   In life, there is another very important note, which is quietly stored in their hearts. Love and hate, kindness and resentment are clearly recorded. To repay kindness, to take revenge, or to choose “forgetting both kindness and hatred happily, and laughing at the sea”, it depends on one’s self-cultivation and realm.