Old street in memory

  I began to miss the old street. Although it was small, it left me with good memories. When I was a child, my old residence was just beside the street. Both sides of the old street are triangular and low tile-roofed houses in the style of ancient houses in southern Fujian. When you look up, you can see the raised corners of the eaves, which is very beautiful! Sometimes at night, you can still see the moon “riding” on the corner of the eaves, feeling very close to us, as if you can pick it off by hand. My friends and I often sat on the long stone threshold in front of the gate, looked at the sky, and talked about some hype. Since the old street is only about four meters wide, the houses on both sides of the old street make the night sky smaller, forming a long and narrow rectangle, very peaceful, with a kind of quiet beauty, which makes you feel at ease.
  At that time, we often went to the streets to hang out. The moonlight is very bright, and although there are occasional power outages, the streets can still be seen clearly, and there is a light white everywhere. We were so stupid at that time, walking on the street, we actually wanted to compare who walked faster with the moon. As a result, we are fast, the moon is faster than us, it hides in the clouds and flickers, as if laughing at us.
  Sometimes, we still play in the streets and alleys, playing hide and seek in the dark. The moonlight is faint, shrouding the roof, and it is also a kind of beauty to see the small shrubs that “grow” on the roof and set off the eaves that have accumulated traces of time. Although the old street is dilapidated, it also has its unique features. Some folk activities will be held every year and festival, making the old street more lively. I remember the dragon and lion dances in the past. People held torches and paraded in the old street, and the flames lit up the whole street. The old street was crowded with people, and everyone crowded to see it, and children even followed the long queue. The sound of firecrackers, gongs and drums, and cheers rang together, and the entire county suddenly became a sea of ​​joy.
  There is another unforgettable place in the old street, that is, people are very familiar with each other. In the evening, everyone often visits each other, or moves out of chairs to sit outside the house to enjoy the cool and chat, and sometimes even sits on the stones in the alley, creating a scene of joy and harmony. Whose neighbors have the fruits they picked and planted themselves, and they often share them with each other. For example, plums and peaches in summer are not expensive items, but the sincere feelings make people feel warm.
  Every time I think of Old Street, my heart is always warm.

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