Opportunities are everywhere

  Technical director get the job
  of my friends has a young and wealthy man, he had spent in the IT industry for many years, it is now technical director of a company, but he just graduated from high school diploma. In a party, he talked about his past. It turned out that he was unexpectedly unsuccessful in his academic and academic performance during the college entrance examination year. When his parents and friends persuaded him to repeat, he began to reflect: “According to my strength, it is just a few points lower than the admission score. These points can’t prove anything at all.” So he resolutely gave up the repeat. Opportunity, I decided to learn my favorite computer, and began to contact practical work. When a high school classmate was busy with exams in college, he was already working in the Science and Technology City, starting from a salesperson buying accessories, and slowly becoming a sales manager. It was the same four years. After graduating from university, those classmates entered the society one after another, and began to play hard, and he has already worked as a technician in a large IT company with his excellent software and hardware knowledge. Having said this, he sighed with infinite emotion: “At the beginning, my parents thought that I would ruin my future if I didn’t go to university, and my friends kept trying to persuade me. But if I really did go to university, what would it be like? Will he be able to achieve today’s results? Should I be grateful for failing the rankings?”
  I don’t think that going to university will not necessarily be worse than today. The real motivation for him to create today’s career comes from his failure in the rankings. Frustration. What he should be grateful for is the reflection and motivation that setbacks have brought him. The reason why he can see hope from failure is that he possesses a kind of wisdom that can reverse the situation. This precious quality is one of the elements of success.
  Chess game comeback
  in a famous museum, a more innocuous side wall hangs a special painting, painting name is “general.” The picture shows a man and a devil playing chess. The person in the picture gathers all their intelligences and is struggling to fight the devil.
  This game of chess symbolizes the life of human beings in the world, so this game of chess seems particularly important. In order to win, both sides have done their best. Regrettably, the situation is not optimistic. The last move of the devil brought humanity together. As long as this chess piece is settled, then humanity will undoubtedly lose. A person came to visit, saw the painting, and understood the meaning of the painting, so he stood beside the painting and refused to leave, and finally couldn’t help shouting: “How can the devil win? How could such a thing happen? This painter has a problem! It is impossible…”
  At this time, the curator heard the sound and understood his anger, so he said kindly: “If you really know how to play chess, you might as well take another look. , Maybe you overlooked the most important details.” So the man stared at the picture again, and soon said in amazement: “I know, I know, there is another trick! Humans still hope to turn defeat into victory!”
  Indeed, maybe there is. The devil often brings people to the brink of destruction. However, human beings often have the last resort, the last resort, and this is hope. All people who have emerged from failure and succeeded have one thing in common, that is, they seized the opportunity in failure and seized the hope.
  When we have suffered setbacks and difficult time, but also must have a thought, that is: “Although I did not do this, but it should still not too bad, because failure there must be hope of success ……”