Others are laymen

An interesting experiment is recorded in the book “The Curse of Knowledge.”

Suppose a company intends to give employees a bonus of $1,000. Which of the following 3 items can inspire you the most?

1. Think about what this $1,000 can do! It can be a down payment for a new car, or a small renovation of your house.

2. Think about how much safety factor putting this $1,000 in the bank will add to your life.

3. Think about the $1,000 that shows how positive the company is about your work. The company apparently thinks that the money they hired you was not in vain.

Most people choose item 3. What is 1,000 dollars? Am I working hard for this little money?

The key part of this experiment is: “Which of the above 3 items do you think is most effective for others?” At this time, most people choose 1 or 2.

In other words, while people think that they are working for a noble purpose, they generally believe that others are working for money.

In our eyes, others are laymen. This experiment tells us an unexpected fact, that is, in the eyes of others, we are also common people.