push the boundaries of sports

  Swiss high-end watch brand RICHARD MILLE once called 2015 the brand’s “ladies’ watch year”, and a series of new watches were designed with many feminine elements. This corresponds to the reflection of the founder Mr. Richard Mille on the high-end watch industry 10 years ago, that is, the watch industry should not be dominated by men, and female watch lovers will also look forward to sophisticated mechanical technology and pure performance.
  With the growth of the family of RICHARD MILLE friends, many outstanding female brand friends have emerged, including artists in the entertainment industry, challengers in extreme sports, and champions in competitive competitions. All of them demonstrate the multiple attributes of contemporary women, break society’s inherent impression of women with their own efforts, and gain people’s respect and recognition for women’s tenacity and self-improvement.
  ”Unrestrained” is also the core concept of the brand’s 3-year-old watch specially designed for women. The six models of the RM07-04 self-winding sports watch are not deliberately portrayed as a “gorgeous” image exclusive to women, but have found the ultimate balance between the charm of modern technology and the aesthetics of traditional mechanical manufacturing, highlighting the uniqueness of independent women. Confidence, tenacity and elegance.
  The newly self-developed CRMA8 movement has been hollowed out, equipped with hour and minute displays and a function selector, with a small shape and a compact structure. In order to ensure the sports properties of the watch, the bottom plate and bridge plate are still made of grade 5 titanium alloy, and have withstood a series of rigorous tests to ensure that it can withstand an acceleration impact of 5000g. And this also puts forward higher requirements for watchmakers during assembly, highlighting the excellent quality of the manufacturing level.
  “Instead of a minimalist design, we opted for a movement that is so transparent that the complex mechanism inside the case can be seen at a glance. Launching a women’s skeleton sports watch is a challenge that few dare to attempt. This series of watches pays equal attention to aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship.” explains Cécile Guenat, Director of Brand Creativity and Development.
  The RM07-04’s overall body and strap weigh 36 grams in total. The Carbon TPT® carbon fiber case makes it as light as ever and strong enough, allowing the wearer to release himself without restraint. In terms of ergonomics, vision, technology and performance, it meets the daily wearing needs.
  From the beginning of the brand’s birth, the founder Mr. Richard Mille has always insisted on challenging the dogma of conformity, and won the support of the market with his individual design concept and strict technical standards. Every women’s watch in the RM07-04 series is unique, behind which is the brand’s principle of loving life and respecting the individual, as well as the relentless pursuit of ultimate versatility and continuity of works.
  This sports watch is not only a recognition of the achievements of outstanding women, but also can inspire all independent women to bravely explore and be their true selves. This is what RICHARD MILLE has always wanted to tell all women.

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