Recognizing the “magical power” of the subconscious mind

  I am a very careful person. Whenever I have an important job, I have insomnia all night. I am afraid of making mistakes, but in the end I am always afraid of what will happen. I don’t understand why my luck is always so bad! Really failed. Weihai: Yunfan Do
  you often feel that the things you encounter are always out of your control and always moving in a predetermined direction? Do you often feel that there is a hand of fate controlling your behavior in the dark? In this regard, the psychologist Jung said: Your subconscious mind is controlling your life, but you call it destiny.
  The subconscious mind is the “prophecy book” of your life
  The subconscious mind is a psychological term. “Human instinct is a kind of subconscious mind of the brain” refers to the unaware part of human psychological activities, which is the “mental activity process that has occurred but has not reached the state of consciousness”. The subconscious mind is not easy to be aware of, but it profoundly affects our thoughts and behaviors. It is like a program that has been written, and it runs automatically in our body directly, forming inertia.
  Sometimes you know you shouldn’t do that, but it’s hard to control yourself, because your subconscious mind is at work. For example, knowing that smoking is harmful to your health, you pick up one; knowing that making money is not easy, but you are always extravagant; I picked up cigarettes because I didn’t think nicotine could do much harm in my subconscious mind; when I was a child, my parents always said that I was a prodigal son, and when I grew up, “that’s how it is”, subconsciously wanting to make my parents feel guilty; and married to an ordinary person, It is because subconsciously, I want to have a psychological advantage in family life and enjoy the superiority of being said “he is not worthy of you”. The subconscious mind is the hidden psychological motivation, and most people are not aware of its existence, thinking that it is a coincidence or an arrangement of fate.
  Converting the subconscious mind into a mental model
  There is a story about a father who abandoned his wife and three sons. The eldest grew up and became a responsible father. His belief is: he can’t hurt his family like his father; the second child never married. His belief is: Marriage is really boring, and it is difficult for him to be happy; after the third child gets married, he will do the same thing as his father. His belief is: a man should be like a father and should not be burdened by housework. Different subconsciousness led to three sons living very different lives.
  Although their lives have been influenced by their fathers, facing the same experience, their own thoughts are the key to forming different life paths. Because the thinking is different, the behavior is different. Choices over and over again form personal habits and shape the inertial trajectory of your own life. Even if we don’t have extraordinary talents, as long as we can correctly understand and use the subconscious mind, and convert the subconscious mind into a mental model, we can break through the cage of fate.
  Don’t “predict” your failure.
  People ‘s mindset is called the mind. A mature person can always transform the subconscious and turn negative thinking into positive thinking. Transforming the subconscious mind is like having the ability to change cards. Those who can play bad cards well are undoubtedly the real strong.
  In real life, you must have experienced such a thing. Whenever you face a challenge that you have never felt before, you will become unconfident. No matter how cheered you are by others, you feel that you must not make it . The result is that you really fail.
  In a sense, the reason for your failure may not be your lack of ability, but because some of your psychological hints interfered with your behavior, and finally “predicted” your failure, and in the end you also used Your failure proves the “prophecy” in your heart. In psychology, this kind of psychological suggestion is called “self-fulfilling prophecy effect”. To learn to use the subconscious mind, you first need to learn the inner heart language, which is to speak to yourself. This is a self-suggestion to the subconscious mind and has an amazing power to develop potential.