Refrigerator Aria

  To understand a person, in addition to looking at his bookcase, is to look at his refrigerator. The former is the spiritual world; the latter is the spiritual world. Because what is in the refrigerator, how much, and how, are mostly determined by the spiritual world. Some people often can’t help but buy a bunch of fresh vegetables without thinking about when to eat them, put them rotten and then throw them away, and go back and forth, such as my mother. Just like some people, they often can’t help buying books and don’t plan when to read them. Fortunately, the book is not bad, it can only be turned rotten and broken. Whoever has one or two rotten books is truly happy.
   For me, having a large refrigerator that is loose and fast is also a very important happiness. The most perfect is to save only what you want to eat in three or two days. First of all, you need to know exactly what you want to eat; secondly, you need to ensure that you can eat and finish it within three or two days; the most important thing is that your appetite is relatively stable, and you want to eat green peppers, coriander, and octopus in the last second. Children will not change. None of the above is easy.
   My mother just often doesn’t know what she wants to eat. She buys whatever she sees. After buying it, she doesn’t have time to eat it. When she has time, she suddenly wants to eat something else. So every time I come to inspect and open my refrigerator, I always have a physical urge to fill it up, feeling that I’m not having a good time. I always refused strictly, and finally I was empty, I really couldn’t pretend any more. I waited for a box of sour beans and two cans of fried sauce to put in, besides a good meal, there was a saying “If I knew you were such a waste, why don’t I buy a small refrigerator”.
   Is it a waste? Don’t waste it, squeeze it when it’s small, and have a sense of space when it’s big. Just like painting, there must be a little bit of white space. For example, when writing something, you have to get up and take a sip of water, go to the bathroom, and then come back and sit down. Even if you don’t draw or write, you just walk, sit and lie down with your body, it’s hard to imagine that the seven orifices are blocked and there is no space between the internal organs. The refrigerator is nothing but a giant cavity. Gap is important. Circulation is important. It is the premise of eliminating all anxiety.
   “There is room for the knot, but there is no thickness for the blade; with the lack of thickness, there will be room for recovery.” Zhuang Zhou’s wisdom, handed down, is often misunderstood. Spending so much time to tell a story is not to teach people to understand the bull, most people never have the opportunity to understand the bull in their lifetime. What is that for? Of course, it is to teach the way of health preservation, to eliminate inner anxiety, and to live a comfortable and smooth life for a lifetime.
   In the cold winter in the old north, adults often hung the food that needed to be refrigerated directly outside the window. Nature has become a natural refrigerator. As long as the handle of the window can stand, as long as there is still a sliver of open space in the eaves, it will be drained and used up – plastic bags that become thinner and clearer with each passing day, showing the ribs or the pointed mouth of the fish inside. , or the jagged edge of a cream popsicle wrapper.
   Today, the refrigerator still retains a certain display attribute. Just like some people like to collect refrigerator magnets from all over the world, some people simply use the refrigerator as a message board with a newly learned recipe and an endless to-do list on it, with the note saying “I love you” or ” Pay the electricity bill”, or a poem such as “Try to praise this broken world. Think of the long days in June, with wild strawberries and a drop of red wine.” This is presumably an act of moving the bookcase to the refrigerator. Of course, if it is written like this, it is best to open the door to have these things, otherwise there will be a suspicion of deception.
   Machines work according to program, only human ideas are often unreasonable and occasionally wonderful. In 1948, the American journalist Art Buchwald went to Paris to visit Hemingway. A friend of his colleagues asked seriously, “If you want to be a writer, what do you need to do?” Hemingway’s answer was: “First, you have to defrost the refrigerator. .” It’s really a good job, calming, healing. If you can’t write it, don’t write it hard, if you can’t read it, put it down, and live your life loosely and quickly.
   “For example, the passing eyes of smoke and clouds, the feeling of ears of a hundred birds”, there is no need to collect all the delicious, beautiful and unforgettable things. The world is not a treasure painting hall, it is still measured, the burden is minimal, and the satisfaction is magnified. Especially when I think that just by opening the refrigerator door, I summoned more light than most households in the 18th century combined, and with it, a few watts of happiness.