Start today, hold on to today

  Don’t ask what the future will be, but hope to end without regrets. I have
  seen a movie “Arrival” that made me think There are no known human associations. Countries have established alliance-like organizations to decipher the purpose of this alien visit.
  Linguist Louise and physicist Ian are tasked with communicating with alien creatures over the United States. The time of the alien creatures is non-linear, which is also reflected in their graphic text to a certain extent. Through communication with alien creatures, Louise gradually understood the language of alien creatures and gained the ability to predict the future. Through this ability, Louise successfully persuaded General Shang, the commander-in-chief of Asia in the film, to reunite the already broken foreign alliance, and finally avert a war between Earth and alien creatures. Finally, the aliens leave, and Louise follows in the future’s footsteps with Ian. They will definitely have a lovely daughter named Hannah in the future.
  It’s not so much a sci-fi movie as it’s a human nature movie. The most moving part of the film is that Louise gained the ability to predict the future through contact with alien creatures. At the beginning of the film, the life of Louise and her daughter Hannah seems to be a memory, and at the end of the film people realize that it is a scene from the future. In the future, Louise fell in love with Ian and had a daughter, Hannah. But her daughter eventually died of cancer in her youth, and Ian left Louise. Even knowing the ending, Louise chose to start. She told Ian: “Even though I know the whole journey and where it leads, I still embrace it and embrace every moment of it.” The future may not be the best arrangement , but she bravely chose to accept it.
  When Louise had a conversation with an alien creature, I felt that it was just a conversation between a person and his own heart. She summed herself up like this: She speaks many languages ​​and understands many ways of communicating, but in the end she is alone. For Louise, the future is always in front of her eyes, just like everyone knows that she will experience death at the end of her life, but she will still live every day seriously.
  Loving yourself is like loving a favorite book, flip through it gently, and think about it carefully. You can push yourself to the end of the world, and you can hold yourself up to the blue sky. As the poet Gu Cheng said: “There is only one book in the world that is you, and other books are its annotations.” Then, read yourself well, don’t miss any paragraph, even a sentence, a word, and a punctuation.
  Regardless of the past or the future, today is the most beautiful arrival. Today, you are unique and no one can replace you. Of course, you can be unique, and you don’t have to ask everyone to be different. Everyone has the right to choose their own way of life. We must develop a peaceful and free mentality, be able to be tolerant of what we do not understand, be able to understand the views we do not agree with, and be able to respond to what we do not like. Things are reported with respect. You may not have the ability to create light, but please keep a heart that accepts light – start today and embrace today.
  Plant a tree today, and when I die tomorrow, the tree will live for me; write a book today, and die tomorrow, and words will live for me; give birth to two daughters today, and die tomorrow, Rice flowers and rice grains will live for me. I am the master of today, I dominate today, control today, today’s minute hand and second hand glide, must be fragrant. Today is so good!