Survival has boundaries

  Recently, I saw a very interesting joke on WeChat: cats like to eat fish, but cats can’t go into the water; fish like to eat earthworms, but fish can’t go ashore.
  Perhaps, this is the divine will, or the way of heaven, to prevent cats from entering the water and fish from going ashore, to draw boundaries for their desires and hobbies, to set up forbidden areas, so that their desires and hobbies cannot be so powerful that they cannot be powerful. , Do whatever they want, so that all living beings and all things have their own living rights and living space.
  If you put fish and ants together, will the fish eat the ants or the ants eat the fish? A Cambodian proverb answers this question well: when the river is high, the fish eat the ants; when the river is low tide, the ants eat the fish.
  The truth explained by this Cambodian proverb is profound, and it inspires us in the following points: First, each creature has its own suitable area. Fish are suitable for living in water, and ants are suitable for living on land. Second, strength is relative. In water, fish are stronger than ants, and it is a piece of cake for fish to eat ants; on land, ants are stronger than fish, and it is a piece of cake for ants to eat fish. Whether it is a fish or an ant, only by finding a suitable area can you give full play to your own advantages and highlight your specialties. The third is not to envy others’ paradise. The water is a paradise for fish, and the land is a paradise for ants. Every creature and every life has its own paradise. Don’t be envious of other people’s paradise as soon as you see it. Otherwise, other people’s paradise may be your hell.
  Mice are very smart animals. When facing food, they will first send a mouse to test for poison: if it is poisonous, at most one mouse will be killed; if it is not poisonous, the mice can share a delicious meal.
  That year, I lived in the country, and according to the method my neighbor taught me, I poisoned more than a dozen mice overnight. A neighbor told me: use a small sturdy wooden box, put corn mixed with poison in it, seal it, and then sprinkle a few grains of non-poisonous corn outside the small wooden box. The next morning, I found the dead bodies of a dozen mice lying near the small wooden box.
  It turned out that after eating a few grains of non-poisonous corn outside the small wooden box, the mice frantically gnawed on the small wooden box exuding the fragrance of corn. They had already forgotten about sending a mouse to test for poison, and rushed to eat the poisonous corn.
  Humans are smarter than rats. When people have gained hard-won wealth, power and status through hardships, they can still maintain a clear mind, which is the real smartness.
  Speaking of mice, I can’t help but think of another animal-swallows. A friend said that his family has a nest of swallows. According to his observation, the old swallows are fed from the baby swallows on one side in turn. There was a baby swallow, which was at the far end on the left at first. When it finished eating the food brought by the old swallow, it took the opportunity of the old swallow to fly out to look for food. It turned over the second swallow on the left and put itself Changed to the second position, when the old swallow came back from foraging, it threw the food into its mouth again. This baby swallow did the same thing. It kept turning over the third, fourth, and fifth ones. When it passed the baby swallow on the far right, it unfortunately fell out of the nest and fell to the ground and died.
  Listening to my friend’s narration, I seem to be not listening to him talking about a swallow, but about a person, an opportunistic person. Opportunity can allow you to get the most benefits with the least time, energy and effort. Occasional opportunism may allow you to get some benefits from it, but repeated opportunism will only make you fall badly on the road of life.
  Survival has boundaries. Whether it is an animal or a human, if one goes beyond one’s own boundaries, it will be the beginning of a disaster.

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