The Elegant Life of Queen Letizia of Spain

  The epidemic is so serious that European royal families have been recruited, and only Queen Letizia of Spain appears almost every day.
  Recently I wore a Reiss pink gradient pleated skirt, full of spring atmosphere, and she was beautiful again. The headline of the tabloid was: Look at this waist!

  ’s figure is too predictable, which reminds people of the battle with supermodel Bruni many years ago: bee waist and thin legs, tall and straight, more perfect than supermodels.

  Letizia, 50 years old this year, has often been reported in recent years as a beauty, with fine lines at the end of her eyes and gray hair. She didn’t care and appeared calmly.
  The figure has been the same for decades, and the figure is slender and bumpy. He was selected as the most well-dressed celebrity on instagram, and he is in the middle position wherever he goes. King Felipe VI said a classic sentence: “Since I married Letizi Ya, the focus isn’t on me anymore.”

1. Standing tall

  As we all know, Letizia is a professional player in manners. In her early years, she was the female anchor with the highest ratings in Spain. She was always in front of the camera and used to keep her shoulders straight.

  This is her biggest killer move: her body is super tall and straight, and her back is straight at all times.
  He didn’t even slack off for a second when he went down the steps. He always kept his head high and his eyes straight.

  Celebrities of the royal family all pay attention to manners, and she can say that she is proud of the world. She is 11 years older than Princess Kate, and the two are often put together. They are both commoner princesses who married into the royal family and have similar tastes. Dresses and suits are standard.
  Kate also pays attention to keeping her back straight. Letizia is obviously more professional. Her shoulders are open, her back is straight, and there are no small expressions.

  Letizia’s aura is obviously stronger, and when she walks, she is more like a runway walk.
  In November 2021, the Spanish king and his wife visited Sweden, and Letizia made great efforts to change four sets of clothes in a row.
  The red Hugo Boss lapel coat leads the way.
  Letizia keeps her shoulders straight and is very good at finding shots. The domineering Carolina Herrera cape coat, which is the favorite brand of the royal family, is matched with the same series of CH bags and Cherubina headbands. The old lady queen of Sweden relies on a purple coat and a smile to dominate the market.

  At the dinner, both parties took out family heirlooms. Sweden is also a big jeweller. Queen Sylvia wears a Josephine embossed crown and brooch (which Napoleon gave to his first wife, Queen Josephine), which has not been seen in 11 years.
  Letizia wears a full set of attack, Cartier big iris crown, full diamond bracelet and diamond earrings, and iris brooch. At that time, she wore a sleeveless dress indoors in the winter, and it was also very hard.

  When visiting Austria, he and the president’s wife both wore coats. Letizia wore a Carolina Herrera black coat with a plaid skirt, and stepped on the Spanish brand magrit and Nina Ricci snake-print chain bag. There was no bright color, but a type A coat The tailoring is neat, and the legs are bare, which is called chic.

2. Concave and convex

  When she got engaged in 2003, her anchor photo had a round face, 1.7 meters tall and weighed 53 kilograms. In the past 20 years, her weight has been lighter, her body is slender and bumpy, and she has worn out local brands.
  A 50-year-old is not afraid of wearing a tight skirt. The red shirt is the shirt, and 10 cm stilettos are standard.
  Wear a $40 Mango dress under a red leather jacket with a wide belt to define the waist.
  This leather jacket was also worn in 2017, with a button-up top and white trousers.
  Generally, middle-aged women are most afraid of tight knitted sweaters, because they are afraid of exposing their thick shoulders and small belly. Letizia is no ordinary person. The red Hugo Boss bodysuit showed off her perfect figure, and she teamed it with the brand’s wide-leg pants.
  In the meeting, Erlang’s legs are crossed, and his back is straight and straight, so sassy.
  To the awards, wore a red Carolina Herrera slim dress with a matching clutch and heels.

  Still a bee waist and thin legs, is it a “back killer”?
  This is also an old dress that has been worn many times and it fits perfectly.
  Barbie fans dare, too, with this slim-fitting Moises Nieto dress, $432.
  Navy blue dress, royal blue wrap skirt.
  Mother-in-law Queen Sophia’s Valention flower blouse is matched with an old floor-sweeping skirt, which is also very fashionable and graceful now.

3. Commuter style

  Letizia, a TV anchor, is good at professional attire. The styles are versatile and inexpensive. Suits, midi skirts and pencil pants are the easiest to learn from.
  Spanish brand Ines Martin Alcalde lace-up suit, rounded head, a few strands of white hair are obvious, does not affect the elegance, Hugo Boss tweed skirt, with skirt or pencil pants, the same brand small coat and leather pants, a set of $ 150 Mango A suit, put on a coat and put on a big-name look. A taro purple suit and a lace bottoming shirt are very fresh and age-reducing. When visiting Austria, wear a Pedro del Hierro plaid dress under the coat, a plaid Massimo Dutti midi skirt, and chidori Mirto trench coat with leather pants, black leather Uterque pencil pants, worn dozens of times.

  A white embroidered shirt with pencil pants, without the restraint of the royal family, is a more down-to-earth pairing with black leather Uterque pencil pants, which has been worn dozens of times.
4. Muscle lines

  Some people say that Letizia’s state is too tight. If it is not tight, I am afraid that she will not have the self-discipline for decades. Since she visited Sweden, wearing a sleeveless dress with a crown, many people were shocked, is this muscle line serious?
  At the age of 50, wearing a sleeveless outfit is so daring, with tanned skin and strong muscles, it is not inferior to professional athletes. With such a fitness habit, rushing a few official duties a day counts as nothing.

  Receiving the Italian President and the first daughter Laura, both of them wore tweed suits. Laura showed her superior body proportions.
  The evening looks also wore black dresses, with completely different styles. Laura’s black dress with shoulders was very practical, and Letizia’s suspender dress was matched with pearl crowns and diamonds, and only she could control it.
  There is no “goodbye meat” in the wave, there is no trace of fat on the back, the waistline is not deformed at all, and it is also very eye-catching to wear a close-fitting skirt every day.

  Although many people are not used to it, they think her muscular arms are very inconsistent and not feminine enough, but at the age of 50, she has a 20-year-old mentality, wearing a tight skirt is still as perfect as many years ago, her complexion is super good, and she can face the signs of aging calmly, have to obey.