The horse’s secret is in the eyes

  The black horse has a pair of moving eyes. A pair of sadly clear eyes. Every time Xiaojiao sees the black horse’s eyes, he will think of the fisherman’s words: Your horse’s eyes hold the whole prairie of memory.
  It is said that horse eyes can sense the movement of the Big Dipper. As long as the Big Dipper appears in the sky, the horse will look up. This is what Xiaojiao heard from the fisherman. The fisherman said that the horse will not get lost or panic when running at night. The horse looks up at the Big Dipper while running, and the Big Dipper guides it. As the dusk gradually rises, the stars in the western sky appear for the first time, and Xiaojiao sits on the railing, watching the black horse. The black horse also looked at him, with a slightly majestic face. He turned his head, and the Big Dipper appeared. The fisherman said that once while hunting, he ran too far in the forest at night and got lost. There is no road in the forest, the grass is messy everywhere, and the trees are sparse but tall. He said to the horse, go home, I am lost, you take me back. Suo Suo Suo through the woods, around one mountain ridge after another, brought him back. The fisherman said that there is a road map in the horse’s brain, which marks the path it has traveled. The horse knows where is its birthplace, where is its home, where there is spring water, and where there are lush weeds. The horse knows where it suffered and whose whip it received. But the horse doesn’t hold grudges, and the horse doesn’t hold grudges against wolves, it just kicks the wolves away. A horse is an animal that tolerates a lifetime.
  When you look into a horse’s eyes, you know how kind a horse is.