The midsummer of that year had no fruit

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  the midsummer season, the pattering rain shrouded the school, and even the front of the dormitory building was covered with light mist. After registering the enrollment information, Li Guo and his mother went up the stairs with their luggage. They were greeted by a few indifferent faces in the dormitory, as well as mottled walls and rusty tables and chairs. Such a scene is depressing, and it is hard for him to be happy as he is about to spend his “senior year” here.
  Before leaving, Li’s mother said: “Don’t worry about family affairs, just ask for anything you want.” “Just one, bring more delicious food when you come.” expectations. “You are eighteen, when will you save me some trouble? Look at your score, do you know how much effort I have put in to send you here?” Mother Li was angry.
  Li Guo was silent. Indeed, he has not even passed the undergraduate course in the college entrance examination, so he has no room to fight back. In fact, he is not the kind of mischievous and bad student. He listened to the class and handed in his homework, but his grades just couldn’t improve. Seeing Li Guo’s uncomfortable look, Li’s mother quickly changed her mind and agreed. At this time, the crisp bell rang throughout the campus, Li’s mother hurriedly said goodbye to him, and Li Guo quickly ran to the classroom to welcome the “first lesson” of his senior year career.
  On the podium, the class teacher described the teaching plan with emotion. At first, Li Guo’s attention was still on the line, but it didn’t take long before he lost his mind and began to glance around from the corner of his eye. The rain gradually stopped, and the faint light from the clouds was reflected on the faces of the students through the reflection of the glass. Li Guo followed the light and found a girl in a white skirt sitting in the corner. The girl seemed to have noticed Li Guo, showing a little surprise. Li Guo was taken aback, hey, isn’t that Xia Dan? Xia Dan was Li Guo’s classmate in high school. At that time, she was recognized by the whole class as the class flower. Li Guo was fascinated by her at the time, but Xia Dan was as proud as a princess. After a long time, Li Guo buried her in his heart.
  That day, Li Guo smiled sincerely for the first time, feeling like he accidentally found a treasure that had been lost for many years when he was packing up old things.
  After finally waiting for class to end, Li Guo used the excuse of borrowing the red pen, and happily ran over to strike up a conversation: “Xia Dan, I didn’t expect that we are the same people who have fallen into the world.”
  ”Who are you? You are a lowly person. If this girl didn’t want to enter a key university, she wouldn’t come to this hellish place.” Xia Dan quickly refuted Li Guo. At the same time, he was preparing the books for the next class and left Li Guo beside him.
  Li Guo hit a soft nail and felt very depressed. After school, he even declined the invitation of his roommates. On the way, he felt ridiculous for his actions just now. Xia Dan’s grades have always been good, but for some reason, he did not perform well this time. It seemed that he and her were destined to be two parallel lines.
  As the cafeteria was getting closer, Li Guomai became cheerful. Because my mother said that she would bring cakes to see him at noon. The cake is durian-flavored, with biscuit crumbs sprinkled on it, and a piece of plum fruit is forked and stuffed into the mouth. With the delicate touch in the mouth, the fatigue caused by the problem is slowly dissipating.
  Seeing him enjoying his meal, Li’s mother asked her what she cared most about: “Can you keep up with your studies? Are there any role models among your classmates?”
  Li Guo responded hastily: “Yes, there is a girl in the class with special grades. Well, I really want to learn from her.” Before he finished speaking, Li Guo suddenly had the idea of ​​approaching Xia Dan in a legitimate way. Thinking of this, the durian cake in my mouth seems to be even more fragrant.
  After class the next day, Li Guo took out a few test papers that he had passed, carefully studied the wrong questions, and organized the knowledge points one by one. After a long time, Li Guo plucked up the courage to come to Xia Dan. Xia Dan wanted to refuse, but seeing Li Guo’s detailed list, he thought it was an ordinary “academic exchange”, and finally allowed Li Guo to sit beside her for the first time. Li Guo was delighted, and while maintaining a nonchalant look, he searched for the only knowledge in his brain to answer.
  After it was over, Li Guo handed her the remaining durian cake: “Take it, it’s your reward.” Xia Dan probably didn’t think too much about it, so he just accepted it. Back to his seat, Li Guo’s heart was beating non-stop. Could this be the heartbeat in the legend? It felt too tense.
  Time is like annual rings, repeating and accumulating round and round, but some things are changing silently.
  Li Guo was surprised to find that in order to get close to Xia Dan, he solved more and more problems, and his grades also increased at a speed visible to the naked eye. I don’t know when, Xia Dan took the initiative to ask Li Guo, and her questions were such as which flavor of milk tea do you like, as long as Li Guo said it, within a few days, Xia Dan will have the same milk tea in his hand .
  After a long time like this, Li Guo began to hate the closure of the school, and always wanted to take Xia Dan to the “outside world” to play.
  The weather in winter is gloomy and cold, and there are still snowflakes in the sky from time to time. Li Guo quietly came downstairs to Xia Dan’s dormitory, and asked her out: “It’s a day off now, and I can go out freely for three hours. Last time, my mother brought me a mutton soup in the north of the city. It tasted very good. Think about it?” Let’s try it?”
  ”It’s too far away, let’s order takeaway, what if we are late?” ”
  That store doesn’t support it, and besides, in such a cold day, a bowl of hot soup can keep the cold away.” Xia Dan finally accepted. When they arrived at their destination, the two lifted up their stools and sat together. The fatigue caused by the long journey quickly dissipated in the delicious food. The mutton soup is milky white, embellished with green onion and fiery red chili peppers, and noodles are also added to enhance the taste. Li Guo and Xia Dan feasted.
  But on the way back, they ran into trouble. Because of the crowded traffic, the bus was stuck in the middle, so Li Guo and Xia Dan had to get off the bus and ran straight to the school. Suddenly, there was a violent impact next to Li Guo’s ear. Due to the slippery road, Xia Dan accidentally sprained his foot. Li Guo quickly squatted down, and slowly carried Xia Dan on his back to the clinic. When the doctor changed the dressing, Xia Dan tried his best to maintain a smile, and Li Guo was by his side, feeling very guilty in his heart.
  ”That mutton soup tastes really good.” Xia Dan seemed to want to change the subject, and took the initiative to talk about her past. Last year, her father had an affair and divorced her mother. Sudden changes in the family have affected her college entrance examination, and she really wants to repay her mother by being admitted to a key university. No matter how difficult it is, she will never give up.
  Li Guo somehow said: “I know, I can understand your feelings.”
  With the snow melting, no spring will be disappointed.
  There are only three months left before the college entrance examination, and Li Guo cherishes the time spent with Xia Dan even more. But recently, Li Guo has clearly felt that class leader Zhou Hao always likes to run to Xia Dan’s seat. And Xia Dan didn’t refuse, with a smile on his face.
  Li Guo felt very uncomfortable. Zhou Hao is tall and handsome, and his family is rich, so it would be a disaster if this guy got his way. There was no other way, Li Guo had no choice but to increase the difficulty of the questions. Those chemistry questions that gave Xia Dan a headache have now become Li Guo’s life-saving straw. Li Guo stayed up all night and finally understood something. When Li Guo patiently finished explaining to Xia Dan, Xia Dan looked at him with envy, and Li Guo couldn’t help laughing.
  ”Li Guo, help me give this to Zhou Hao later.” Just as Li Guo was immersed in complacency, Xia Dan’s words brought Li Guo back to reality. Looking at the exquisite greeting card, Li Guo had an ominous premonition. On the way, he opened it curiously, and the handwriting on it was beautiful:
  I can’t restrain my emotions. If you are interested, please come to the east gate of the playground at 7:00 pm on February 14th. We will see you there.

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