The smell is quiet

  During the renovation, someone reminded me not to use this public flue, it should be blocked, and a hole was made in the outer wall to place the pipe of the range hood. However, I didn’t listen to him. Well, now, the neighbor’s fumes are filling the kitchen through the duct of my hood.
  I can be sure that the fumes in my kitchen only come from one of them, because the smell of fumes is a style. How to say? It’s especially hot. Pepper, chili, onion, ginger, garlic, star anise, fried in a hot oil pan, and it is vigorous. Another characteristic of this family in terms of eating is that they must burn every meal, and never finish it. After a long time, I developed some good feelings towards them, and felt that they lived a serious life: not at all mixed up. And, it’s not extravagant either. They are honest, and they are burning every meal. The smell of thick oily red sauce makes people feel that it is the appetite and taste of people who work hard. In my impression, they didn’t miss a single meal. In terms of what they eat, one is regular, and the other is very restrained. These give the impression of being rich and simple, and it is the breath of a well-off life.
  At one point, the family added herbal scents twice a day to three meals a day. The smell of herbs was also strong, and it rushed in and filled the kitchen. I don’t know if it is because of the influence of herbal gas, or the actual situation, the smell of three meals a day is not so strong. It’s not that it’s light, but it means that it’s quiet. It’s been a long time. Let’s put it this way. I simmered chicken soup once a week, and I simmered it four to five times in total. The base note of the fumes of time. This is also the smell of serious healing: patience, perseverance, positivity, and persistence.
  Then, suddenly, one day, the smell of mutton soup billowed from my kitchen. This knows that their family members have recovered from their illness, and they have to make up for it and reward them. It is not how well they ate, but it does have an atmosphere of a feast, with an ancient meaning. The ancients celebrated military exploits, didn’t they just slaughter sheep? Sure enough, the herbal smell disappeared from then on, and the long smell of the stew also disappeared, and the rest of the day, three meals a day, went on as usual.
  After a long period of familiarity, an uninvited guest came to my kitchen, and it was the aroma of coffee. This is the smell of another road, and it has nothing to do with their home. It quietly, caught in the fumes of the Sichuan pepper fryer, came in. This is an air of nothingness, with a flashy meaning in it, which is very different from the affordable style of their home. Therefore, I concluded that this was a new family, and inexperienced, I also connected the pipe into the flue, and it was just in time for the wind, so I came to my kitchen to join in the fun. The style of this road is obviously milder, smoother, more decorative, and arouses people’s reverie. Consistent with its not-so-practical character, it does not come according to three meals a day. When it was time to eat, I came when I remembered it, and when I couldn’t remember it, I didn’t come, and it seemed a little weak. And the one who came first, never stopped, in a blink of an eye, the oil smoke spread out, and in a blink of an eye, the oil smoke swept away, always with a powerful momentum. However, sometimes, the night is already deep, and the new one comes quietly. The slightly bitter aroma of coffee permeates.
  After all, the smell is a little mixed, but the difference is clear, and there is no confusion. You come and go, one after another. After a while, another one came. It seemed to be from the Su Xi Gang. The smell was so sweet that the air could be pulled out. Here comes the fourth, which lacks individuality on the one hand, and is quite coherent on the other. It has everything: fragrant, spicy, sour, sweet, garlic, garlic powder, sesame oil, olive oil. As a result, all the smells are all lumped together, and it is impossible to tell who is from whom. Those of us living next to each other, just like this, gathered together in one place, regardless of each other.
  On this day, the smoke of wormwood came from the kitchen. It turned out that the Dragon Boat Festival has come again. In the smell of wormwood, all the smells are quiet, only it is diffused and diffused. The oily dirt of the year is eliminated little by little in the fragrance of this herb. Gradually, even the air changed color, and there was a kind of gray and white smeared in it, smeared into cyan. Clear air is not actually transparent, it has its color.