There is no threshold, how to do the best

  I go to an event. A guest came on stage, and the host introduced him like this: “Mr. G, the star
  online car-hailing driver.” What a coincidence, I was in an online car-hailing car at the event site. The driver of that car just complained to me-now driving. Online ride-hailing is not easy. It is difficult to receive orders and has a low income. You will meet all kinds of passengers. Some passengers will give bad reviews if they feel unsatisfactory. In short, it’s too difficult!
  Mr. G, standing in front of me, clearly has no embarrassment on his face. Wearing a black suit, he walked to the podium, bowed slightly to everyone, and then said, “I have been an online ride-hailing driver for several years. I received almost zero complaints for the same sports car; I ran the same route at the same time. , My income is sometimes twice as much as that of my peers. ”
  What? Zero negative reviews? Double the income? Mr. G’s speech “caught” me.
  Next, Mr. G used 10 minutes to tell the secret of his success.


  Let me talk about parking first.
  ”You know, in today’s big cities, parking is not possible if you want to park.” Mr. G smiled and said, “If you encounter a place where you can’t park, it is normal to deduct points and fines once there is a violation. So, many websites When the ride-hailing driver approaches the destination and finds that the destination cannot be parked, he will stop at a place that they think is convenient, then call the passenger and let the passenger come by himself, or tell the passenger in advance:’You are waiting on the side of the road, Seeing my license plate number, I immediately approached, opened the door, got in the car and left! “These two methods are convenient for the driver but not very convenient for the passengers.” Mr. G pointed out the crux and was seated here. The people nodded silently, including me.
  Yes, passengers don’t always take taxis in familiar places. Sometimes, in the driver’s eyes, passengers can find online taxis by just changing directions and walking a few steps. What direction and how many steps can be changed, in unfamiliar places. It’s easy to get confused. Besides, passengers don’t always travel by themselves. For example, I have a few times with a lot of luggage and children. It is inconvenient to change directions or walk a few steps. Many, it is tantamount to torture.
  How does Mr. G do it? He tried his best to park the car as far as the destination. If the destination cannot be parked, he parks the car nearby, then gets off the car by himself, calls and asks the passengers: “Where are you? I will pick you up.” Proactively look for passengers instead of waiting for them to find them, so Mr. G’s praise rate has not been lower.
  Let’s talk about service.
  Mr. G asked himself to keep smiling to ensure that his guests feel comfortable. He also pays special attention to the art of talking to passengers. Usually when passengers get on the bus, Mr. G will definitely say these five sentences-
  ”Are you a passenger with a mobile phone number ending in xxxx?”-to avoid mistakenly picking up.
  ”May I follow the navigator, or do you direct me to go?”-avoid passengers thinking that he detours.
  ”Are you in a hurry? If you are in a hurry, I will drive you faster and ensure safety and not speeding.”-Reassure passengers and meet their specific requirements.
  ”I prepared mineral water in the car. It is on both sides of the seat. Please use it slowly.” Generally speaking, mineral water is provided only by special cars, but Mr. G, who drives an economical online car, requires himself to provide this service.
  At the end, Mr. G will also say to the passengers: “Do you think you are still satisfied with my service? If you are satisfied, please give me a good comment.” This is much more comfortable and more reasonable than the way some drivers get good comments. .

  If it is only service-oriented, Mr. G will not lead the industry. Next, Mr. G “zoomed in”: He has an instinctive sense of data analysis. Based on the collected data and his own sports car experience, he summed up a set of order-taking skills and drew an order-taking map.
  It turned out that Mr. G would sum up at the end of his work every day: Where did he go today, where there are a lot of people who need to use a car, appear at the right time, basically will not run out.
  Mr. G also has a set of detailed notes about what is the “appropriate time period” and where to receive the order.
  The morning rush hour is from 7 to 10 in the morning. Most people go to the company from home. Mr. G will wait for orders near the community or at the door of the hotel. From 10 to 11, where there are few orders, Mr. G usually gives up taking orders and takes a break. From 11 am to 2 pm, this time is lunch time. Many business people will take advantage of this time to participate in simple meals. Therefore, Mr. G will return to the community and office buildings because there are many orders to go to restaurants in those places. From 2 to 5 in the afternoon, Mr. G will drive the car to the downtown business district or school during these 3 hours. After 5 o’clock, it is the evening rush hour, and Mr. G will go to the office building and the office building. From 7 to 8 in the evening, he was still near office buildings and hot malls. 8:00 to 10:00 is the entertainment time, he will approach the community or eating place. 10 to 11 in the evening is the busiest and most likely to be premium, because many shopping malls are closed and most buses are out of service. Mr. G will bring the car close to the nearest shopping mall. As for after 11pm, he will hang out near nightclubs and bars.
  When Mr. G said this, the LCD screen at the back of the stage displayed his notes accordingly, and the audience was full of exclamations. “Take time notes, place notes, make statistics, and draw your own order map.” Mr. G pointed to the screen with one hand, and pointed at us in the audience like a welcoming pine.
  He looks very proud, proud of his wisdom. He then proudly explained that now the online car-hailing platform dispatches orders, relying on the precise connection of big data. There is a dynamic heat map on the online car-hailing platform, which will constantly refresh and display the distribution of passengers a few minutes ago. Most drivers will choose the order range based on this heat map. And Mr. G is different from other drivers. He believes that everyone uses the same data and goes to the same place to take orders. This will cause traffic jams and cause “more cars and fewer people.” So, he researched on his own, integrated the data of his own sports car, collected the data of other colleagues, and drew a set of self-made “static heat maps.”
  ”On the most day, I collected data on more than 200 vehicles throughout the day, summed up what sorts of orders will be produced, and then shared them with the group of car friends. My colleagues follow the pictures I drew, and the daily flow of energy From three to four hundred yuan to more than five hundred yuan!”
  Yo! Mr. G also has the spirit of sharing!

  Sure enough, in the last paragraph, Mr. G is mainly talking about sharing.
  ”I want to share this set of experience and drawn maps with more people, so I opened a live broadcast on the short video platform, called’Mr. G Online Car-hailing Club’.” His smile deepened.
  The live broadcast has made Mr. G more popular. More and more colleagues regard him as an idol, and more and more passengers know that Mr. G is a good driver. Not only did his online car-hailing company rated him as one of the “Top Ten Good Drivers of the Year”, his reputation was also “out of the circle”-he participated in a TV Spring Festival Gala, was a guest speaker, and was also a representative of online car-hailing drivers. I took my wife to CCTV’s variety show. His reputation is growing. In the city where he is located, passengers who hit his car often recognize him and ask for a photo with him. Mr. G has become an out-and-out “net celebrity.”
  ”Look, from the customer’s point of view, use good service to earn praise; review what happened today and sum up the rules of time and place, so that every working period has a targeted action, and there is time to rest; By upgrading your notes to maps and sharing with peers, you can collect more data… When these became methodology, Mr. G used the latest media to expand his promotion and set up a personal label.” The host took the microphone, Facing Mr. G, express my sincere admiration.
  I was also fascinated by it. There is a way for the champions to travel, and the way for the champions is nothing more than refined farming, data management, differentiated services, and they will think about it and are willing to share. The less barrier-free the job, the more it will test who is more capable and take “shortcuts”.