Unfamiliar regular customer

  Mylan is the most exclusive restaurant in Mumbai. In the private room near the water, a well-dressed, handsome middle-aged man and a good-looking woman taste delicious food and have a good conversation.
  Nadini is too familiar with the environment here. Many years ago, her lover, a famous man who was more than ten years older than her, often took her here. Today, sitting opposite this wealthy businessman from a neighboring country who seems to be about the same age as her, she still feels a certain deja vu. Facing this stunner in front of him, Akash also had mixed feelings in his heart. Encountered by chance, had dinner, and the two agreed to meet again in the old place three days later.
  Walking on the shoulder-packed sidewalk, Akash had mixed feelings. This is the economic center of Mumbai and the hometown of Akash.
  Returning to the old place, he meets people he is very familiar with from time to time. These people came face to face or passed each other, and Akash recognized them from a long distance, but these people turned a blind eye to Akash, even if they met head-on, they were indifferent. A person riding an electric scooter almost ran into him, but when he looked up, he turned out to be a college classmate, a roommate who slept on bunk beds. The roommate met each other and said sorry repeatedly, but didn’t recognize him in a daze.
  Akash couldn’t help being secretly proud: the top foreign “disguise technique” is really extraordinary. After graduating from a prestigious university with a Ph.D., Akash—oh, his name was Sam at that time—had a smooth life: first he studied and then became an official. A corporate executive who eventually became the president of a large multinational company. The luxurious office building of the headquarters is on this street.
  But later, he had to “resign from the temple in a hurry” overnight, carrying several passports that had been prepared, fled the country with a huge sum of money, and then became the target of pursuit. He was involved in a huge amount of corruption. Except for the huge sum of money he carried with him, most of the illegal income has already been transferred abroad. The special task force cast a big net all over the world, claiming that he would be arrested and brought to justice.
  After fleeing, Sam traveled to several countries. After the shock was settled, he made several major decisions.
  First of all, he spent a lot of money to have a comprehensive plastic surgery at a top plastic surgery institution in a certain country, completely changing his appearance.
  After changing his appearance, Sam’s small triangular eyes turned into thick eyebrows and big eyes, his nose that was a bit slumped turned into a straight nose bridge, thick black hair was planted on his head that had begun to bald, and even the slack The skin on the neck is tightened with the latest plastic surgery technology. The most difficult thing is that in order to change the shape of the face, Sam even endured great trauma and pain, and reconstructed the original prominent cheekbones. After the operation, facing the unrecognizable handsome man in the mirror, Sam couldn’t even recognize who it was.
  The second step is to change the voice of his own voice in the top throat plastic surgery hospital, so that the voice will change from thick and loud to delicate. Then he “studied hard” at a local language school and completely lost his accent.
  In the third step, Sam took advantage of his overseas relations when he was in power in the past, bought the head of a family business in a neighboring country with a lot of money, replaced the seventh son Akash who was assassinated in the internal struggle, and injected a huge amount of money to become one of the shareholders of the family business. She changed her body and successfully washed her identity.
  Just when Sam was concentrating on changing his face and identity, domestic pursuits and escapes were raging. Sam knew in his heart: the global village is too small, and the state apparatus is too powerful, hiding in Tibet is not an option after all. No, many wanted people have been arrested with the cooperation of Interpol even though they are cunning and hiding in Tibet.
  Sam decided to be a “bold rebel” and directly came to Mumbai to invest and set up a business as Akash, a wealthy businessman from a neighboring country. He believes in the truth of “darkness under the lights”. After all, “the most dangerous place may be the safest place”!
  As a result, Akash, an upright and handsome wealthy businessman in his prime, successfully passed the customs and settled in the city he is most familiar with. Akash rented a luxury villa with a garden and swimming pool in a high-end wealthy community, bought a luxury car, hired a driver and a maid, and settled down in a decent manner. In fact, his residence is less than 800 meters away from the arresting agency in a straight line, and the whistling of police cars from there can often be heard. In this way, Akash lived a fairy life under the eyes of the investigators who arrested him all over the world.
  In addition to occasionally going out to inspect “investment projects”, Akash also takes a walk in the villa area for leisure, participates in various charity activities, donates generously to community service projects, makes suggestions, and is hired as a special consultant by the community.
  That day, Akash was wearing a high-end casual suit, and when he passed by a newsstand that was no longer seen often, he saw many people snapping up newspapers, and heard someone mention the name “Sam”, so he went to buy a copy and read it. . It turned out that a well-known newspaper used a full page to publish a long report “The Heyday and Fall of Sam’s “Kingdom””. No leak, he will not escape justice!” Akash’s mouth showed an imperceptible smile: “Huh, there are always accidents in this world!”
  The owner of the newsstand is in his fifties, and The vendors were discussing which country Sam might be hiding in now. Seeing that Akash was watching with gusto, they stepped forward and asked,
  ”This gentleman seems to be from abroad. Where do you think Sam is hiding now ?” What about it?”
  ”Oh, the world is so big, besides, people are constantly changing. Maybe Sam is standing in front of you, the boss, and you may not be able to recognize him!” Akash joked.
  ”How is that possible! Sam used to show his face on TV. I was fired from his company back then. I sacrificed my life for most of my life. When I was fired, I was not even compensated. He just skinned, I can recognize him even if he has cramps!” Akash couldn’t help but tremble in his heart, but the expression on his face was as if nothing had happened.
  Next, Akash calmly discussed which corner of the world Sam is most likely hiding with the newsstand owners and vendors, arguing happily.
  From then on, Akash had no doubts about his “concealment technique”, and he was even more proud of his courage and wisdom in getting into the belly of Princess Iron Fan like a monkey grandson.
  It was approaching noon that day, and Akash walked into the most upscale restaurant in Mumbai with ease, planning to relive the dishes he had missed for a long time. Suddenly, a figure gracefully walked past him, and Akash’s eyes lit up: yes, that was his early lover Nadini. At that time, Dr. Sam was in politics, he was in the limelight, and he had a halo. He fell in love at first sight with Nadini, who was more than ten years younger than himself and won the championship in the city’s beauty pageant. The two soon fell in love and became a couple. In three years, Nadini had two abortions for him. However, with the promotion of his position, Sam gradually found a new love. After climbing to the daughter of a certain nobleman, he began to avoid and dislike Nadini, and finally abandoned her mercilessly.
  I haven’t seen her for a long time, but I didn’t expect that Natini is still charming and charming, even more charming than before, making Akash who lives alone in an empty villa feel happy.
  The veteran in love stepped forward, and after a few pleasantries, he successfully invited Nadini to join him in the box for lunch. Although the two of them spoke different languages, and they talked a little bit like chickens and ducks, but the aura of foreign rich businessmen and the extensive knowledge in their conversations were still quite attractive to Nadini. The two ate and talked, and their mutual affection increased. This is the scene of the two “meeting by chance” at the beginning of this article.

  When leaving that day, Akash shook hands with Nadini in a gentlemanly manner, and gave her a light kiss on the forehead politely.
  But it was this inadvertent approach and contact that made Nadini’s heart tremble and she was very surprised. It turned out that as a woman, Nadini has a particularly sensitive sense of smell, and she still remembers the special smell of her past lovers. Although this Gui Qiao who seemed to be about the same age as him was very unfamiliar, but the moment Akash’s body approached her, the familiar smell and the kiss on the forehead suddenly woke him up. Nadine’s dusty memory. After all, in today’s advanced plastic surgery technology, a person’s appearance and shape can be greatly changed, but the habitual movements formed over decades are as difficult to change as unique fingerprints. In addition, the unique smell brought by a person from the mother’s womb is probably difficult to eliminate with any superb plastic surgery technology.
  Looking at the unrecognizable person in front of him, who is at least ten years younger, and even has a completely different voice and accent, Nadini, who has been tempered and matured by life over the years, did not disturb the other party, but told Akash herself She has been single so far, suggesting that she is willing to continue dating.
  Akash is still immersed in the success of self-disguise and superb acting skills: “Natini, when will we meet again? You know, there is an old saying in China-one day is like three autumns!” Akash Shi is still polite.
  ”Well… I happen to have something to do these days. If you have time, we will meet in this private room at noon three days later, okay?” Nadini responded shyly with a little reserve.
  ”Oh, then I’ll have to wait for nine years. It’s a deal!” When the
  two parted, Akash made a seemingly polite and subtle movement—first he took a half step back habitually, and then stretched out his hand The goodbye made Nadini firmer in her judgment: This is Sam!
  In fact, Nadine hated the hypocrite Sam in her heart. At the beginning, it was this seemingly modest and gentlemanly Ph. D. from a prestigious university who cheated her of her chastity with sweet words and sworn promises. She even had two abortions for him infatuatedly. But after he got promoted and made a fortune, his life became more and more rotten. After climbing up to the only daughter of a certain rich man, he always abandoned himself, and even sent his subordinates to throw a wad of money to Nadini, threatening Nadini not to pester her anymore. Sam, or she’ll disappear with her family!
  Nadini, who was in pain, committed suicide several times and was rescued by someone. This man exhausted her youth! Later, when Nadini heard the news that Sam fled abroad in fear of crime and was wanted and hunted down, she couldn’t be happy either. After all, the youth she lost and the sincerity she gave couldn’t be retrieved no matter what.
  Nadini never expected that she would meet such a “strange regular customer” in Mailan!
  At noon three days later, the handsome Akash in suit and leather shoes stood at the gate of Mailan to welcome the beauty. He saw Nadini’s beautiful figure from a distance, but before Akash could react, a pure white dog rushed up like a flash of white light, scratching and biting him, caught off guard. Instantly, bright red blood oozed from Cash’s face and hands.
  It turned out that this was the famous dog “White Rose” that Sam had given Nadini back then. According to the calculation that a dog’s 1-year-old life is equivalent to 7 years of human beings, “White Rose” is already equivalent to more than 60 years of human beings. After being ruthlessly abandoned, Nadini began to use the clothes Sam left in her residence as a smell source, and trained “White Rose” to bite hard to vent her anger. Three days ago, although Nadini basically recognized Akash as Sam, but after all, the age and appearance gap between the two is too big, and there are too many differences. Here comes the “White Rose”. No matter how you change the face of this “dog thing” and change the pronunciation, you can recognize the male protagonist from a long distance away. According to Nadini’s long-term training password, he rushed forward and bit him desperately…
  was bitten by that old dog so badly. Before the old Akash could breathe a sigh of relief, several men in plain clothes rushed forward, showed their IDs, and a pair of cold handcuffs clicked on his wrists. Akash—oh, it was Sam who had tried his best to catch him without a fight.
  Nadini, who was watching all this from a little distance from the arrest scene, let out a deep breath, but for some reason, bitter tears welled up in her eyes.