What FMCG can learn from the World Cup

  The World Cup is too hot, no matter you are a dealer or a salesperson of a manufacturer, you must watch the game these days. Take the time, don’t just watch the excitement, you can also learn something from it. I personally summarized six points for your reference.
1. The strength of the team comes from the strength of each individual

  The French team took the lead in advancing to the top 16 with Mbappe’s brace. This French team has strong players in every position. Except for Mbappé, from goalkeeper Lloris to central defender Varane, from midfielder Rabiot to wing Dembele, from midfielder Griezmann to center Giroud, everyone is excellent.
  Doing business also requires every individual to be excellent, the front-end business is keen and efficient, the support in the middle office is stable and orderly, and the back-end supply chain is of high-quality performance. This requires every member to be qualified, and even every key position employee is of a high standard.
2. The construction of talent echelon is very important

  In this World Cup, the Spanish team defeated Costa Rica with 7 goals as soon as they played. What is more terrifying than the score is that the average age of the starting lineup is less than 25 years old. The first “post-00” goal scorer Garvey is only 18 years old this year, Pedri is 19 years old, Ferran Torres is 22 years old… Although the youngest bullfighter in history has stopped in the top 16, the future is infinite.
  The FMCG sales organization is also achieved and inherited by generations of outstanding young people. Excellent manufacturers and excellent distributors all have a continuous and benign new artificial blood system without exception, and it is they who promote the continuous breakthrough and development of brands and performance. On the contrary, many of the brands that have been eliminated in the market and the dealers whose business is shrinking are caused by talent problems.
3. The stability of the management team is the key to success

  The stability of the coaching team is the prerequisite for the team to achieve results. The French coach Didier Deschamps has coached the “Gallic Rooster” for 10 years and 4 months. The Portuguese coach Santos has also been in charge of the team for 8 years. Tite of the popular five-star Brazil team has also led the Selecao for 6 years. Behind them are stable and excellent results.
  In sales work and dealer business, if the management team is stable, the direction and strategy will not switch frequently, and many actions will be based on the concept of long-termism, without sacrificing long-term planning for short-term indicators and immediate interests.
Fourth, the stability of tactical thinking is the foundation

  The Spanish team, which is based on players from Barcelona and Real Madrid, continues the skillful pass control and high-position press of Tiki-Taka (a football technique and tactic). This technique and tactic has defeated many opponents. This style was not formed in a day, it has benefited from the consistent persistence and cultivation of the Spanish team for many years.
  A sales organization, ranging from a national brand to a distributor in a city, needs to adhere to a set of business concepts. It is necessary to determine and persist for a long time whether to divide the small stores into housekeeping skills or to focus on the top intensive cultivation of large stores, whether to use special channel labor insurance as the source of profit or to use wholesale channels as cash flow.
5. Playing on the spot is equally important

  Is the Argentina team strong with Messi? Of course strong! But why was it reversed 2:1 by the Saudi team? Maybe it was underestimating the enemy before the game, maybe the tactics were too aggressive, maybe it was the abnormal performance of individual positions. These are all problems on the spot. No matter how many stars the team has, no matter how high the international ranking is, and no matter how loud it is to win, if the performance is abnormal on the spot, then the loss is inevitable.

  In the same way, even if the company has the largest market share nationwide, it may be overtaken by local second-tier brands due to poor execution of the team in a specific urban market. Even if you are the most powerful dealer in the local area, if you don’t focus on the terminal and execution this year, you may be overtaken by old rivals or rising stars. FMCG indicators are always reset to zero and restarted. FMCG people are compared every day, every week and every month. The perfect execution of each day is the foundation of the final result.
6. Champion temperament will breed more champions

  With the advancement of the World Cup, it is a high probability event for the old strong teams such as Brazil, France, England, and Argentina to come to the end. What they have in common is that they have won the championship and won the Hercules Cup. They have Strong strength, experience in winning championships, and championship temperament.
  Manufacturers must continue to compete for market share, sales teams must continue to perform at high levels, and dealers must be stronger. All of these require self-confidence and arrogance. Confidence and arrogance come from one victory after another and one champion after another. When a team gets used to the confidence of “winning” and the arrogance of “winning”, all good luck and good performance will move closer to this team.
  The World Cup held every four years, let us enjoy this feast of greenery, and also feel the commonality from it.