What kind of experience is it to suddenly know a secret that has been kept for a long time?

  When I was in the first grade of elementary school, I lost a piece of transparent glue. My deskmate told me that she knew magic and could help me find it.
  I am dubious.
  After she babbled and recited the spell, she said that the transparent glue was in this position, and she found the transparent glue I lost for me.
  She can really do magic!
  She really is a witch!
  This has always been a secret I have buried in my heart, and I dare not reveal her identity as a witch for a long time.
  Later, our relationship became deeper and deeper, until I was in junior high school, and once I told this story.
  She said embarrassingly that she stole my transparent glue…
  Another time at my cousin’s house, there was a transparent ball soaking in water. I asked, brother, what is this?
  My brother said, this is marine life.
  I looked at it carefully for a long time.
  My brother suddenly grabbed a handful of them and slammed them on the ground, even stomping on them twice.
  I was about to cry and say, how can you hurt them?
  My brother laughed out loud, you idiot, this is a big bubble!
  Actually, I’m not…just easy to trust people
   By——Green Tea Biscuit 12333
  Mom is a strong woman and can’t cook. On the New Year’s Eve of a certain year, for various reasons, there were only three people at home, my mother, my six-year-old me, and my two-year-old brother. So, my mother cooked noodles for us, which were delicious in color, fragrance and taste. My mother also boasted that she can cook a lot of delicious food, but she is usually too busy to do it. A few years later, I suddenly realized that my mother cooked instant noodles with vegetables and tomatoes.
   By——Steel 镚
  I don’t know if it’s a secret, but when I was in elementary school, I bought two chicks at the gate of the school, because my mother didn’t let the chicks grow up in the building, and then gave them to my second aunt’s foster care. After a few days One day my mother told me that the chick flew into the bucket of my second aunt’s house and drowned. I believed it when I was young, and set up a tomb for the chick. Then, in May of this year, when my aunt went back to her hometown to bring back a few rural chickens and our family sat at the dining table to eat chicken, I heard my second aunt sincerely sighed, this is a good chicken raised at home, at that time The chickens raised by Dandan (my nickname) don’t even have any meat.
  Although more than ten years have passed, I still feel cheated.
   By——Xiao Hu is studying
  When a certain college student takes a bath, he always has a sip of water in his mouth.
  When the roommate saw this strange phenomenon, he asked him: Why did you put a sip of water in your mouth?
  He replied that he had been like this since he was a child, because his mother told him that taking a sip of water in his mouth in the bath can prevent colds.
  The bewildered roommate felt that this was an anecdote in the world, and he himself, who had some basic knowledge of biology, suddenly felt that it was ridiculous. I went to check the information and found that it was completely unscientific.
  Taking a chance, he asked his mother what was going on.
  His mother said that when he was bathing him when he was a child, he would always babble and sing incessantly, and his voice was so hot that his mouth was filled with water so that he could not sing anymore. Prevent colds.
  By——Yu Shengjiang
  Before high school, I always had short hair like a tomboy. My mother always told me that I have a flat head, and I look good with short hair.
  When I finally grew my hair long and felt inconvenient and wanted to cut it short, my mother refused to let me cut it short, saying that girls look good with long hair. I asked her: Didn’t you say that I have a flat head and short hair looks good?   It was only after this time that she told me that when you were a child, I let you wear
  short hair because I was too lazy to tie your hair…

  When I moved in 06
  , I helped my father move his pile of books, and found the composition I wrote in the fifth grade when I was a child in the pile of books, and the class number 5 (1) was on it.
  I was a little surprised at the time, because I remembered that this article was submitted for submission, and my father said that there was a composition competition for me to submit.
  At that time, I wrote an essay with anxiety, and then a month or so later, my dad said that he had won the prize, and the prize was sent to his company and he received it. In fact, it was a new pencil case and a gift bag of stationery.
  I was really happy at the time, and I am convinced.
  If I hadn’t found these two compositions in my dad’s pile of books, I don’t think I would have known the white lies my dad and I told for the rest of my life, so he even bought me stationery to encourage me.
  Not long after graduating from university, I suddenly had a sore nose.
  By——Almighty Zhouzhou
  There was an old man. When he was a child, an old man often asked his mother for coffee. His mother couldn’t resist him, so he made coffee for him. After drinking the coffee, the old man felt a little sour. Sweet, and it smelled weird, but then I thought maybe that’s what coffee smells like. It wasn’t until my brother grew up that he realized that the coffee he drank when he was a child actually had another name, Banlangen in English and Banlangen in Chinese.
  By——Skeletons can’t laugh
  08 My
  younger brother has a very precious photo, a photo of a baby who is white and chubby, wearing two small gold bracelets.
  I often take it out to show off in front of me. In order to amuse him, every time I am very dismissive and complain.
  ”Who is this? He’s so fat and ugly. He’s not good-looking since he was a child!”
  My younger brother always has a good temper and doesn’t care about me, and then he only found out a few years ago, so he is my childhood photo!
  Sorry I was wrong! But what about my gold bracelet?
   By – anonymous user
  When I was young, I liked picking boogers. My mother couldn’t stand it anymore. One day, she took a chance and told me that boogers are dirty, and they will turn into shit.
  When I heard that, I was so frightened that I didn’t dare to pick my nose anymore.
  Until later in junior high school, when I was talking about boogers with my classmates, I told them that boogers are very dirty and they will turn into shit. At that time, I was already in the second year of junior high school and studied biology. The students were silent at first, and then burst into laughter three seconds later. Then I learned the truth of what I had believed for six years.
  Yes, the respondent is a woman. I also forgot why I talked about this topic. In fact, if you think about it carefully, you know how boogers can turn into feces. Feces come out of the digestive tract, and boogers are even above the respiratory tract… But when I was a child, I really believed in what my mother said, and I would never go there. Think carefully about its correctness.
  By——Anonymous user
  When he was in elementary school, his family lived on the sixth floor. It is a unit building. Every time my dad has to compete with me on the first floor to see who goes up first. No matter how “hard” my dad is. He never ran away from me. Every time I am the first to go up, I am very happy. I have to show off to my dad. Running by myself is great. My dad pretended to be disappointed… I found out later. My dad just couldn’t be bothered to carry me upstairs.

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