Why are we cowardly?

   A twenty-year-old boy once asked me: Should I have a chance to become famous? I told him you shouldn’t ask me if I should, you ask yourself if you dare. We have all experienced the troughs that might come after becoming famous overnight, so what? Time will help you dilute it. Elimination is eliminated, the big deal is to start all over again.
   In each era, the criteria for selecting idols are changing. She might be a girl who was bullied in the workplace, who jumped out and spent a few years defending her rights; he might be a junior high school student returning home from school. He saw a mother and daughter be beaten up in the street without hesitation. Middle. At this time, overnight fame is not an end for them, but a price. They know that when they say this sentence, it will inevitably cause an uproar, which may affect their lives, career and reputation, but they still do it. . At this moment, the chance of becoming famous overnight is actually asking everyone, do you want to do what you think is right at the right time and at the right place.
   We have all had such a chance to become famous overnight, but why are we cowardly? It’s because we are also afraid. We are afraid of those five words-“the first bird is shot”. We are afraid of other people’s questioning, afraid of other people’s abuse, and afraid of others’ revenge. In the end, we will even comfort ourselves: I don’t want to be nosy. Child. I don’t want to be popular, I don’t want to be hot. But we have had so many expectations of ourselves, we all feel that we have some unique qualities in ourselves. If you feel that you are a brave person, stand up; if you feel that you are a smart person, use it ; If you think you are a beautiful person, let the whole world see it.

   Can we reach a consensus: if we don’t have the courage to be the bird that is in the lead, can we restrain each other and not to be the bird that shoots the gun.

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