Women’s “Secret Forest” Don’t Scrape

  A survey in the United States shows that 84% of adult women have had the experience of shaving pubic hair. Some are worried about embarrassment when wearing a swimsuit, and some feel more beautiful when sexually naked. In fact, pubic hair plays an important role. If there are no special circumstances, it is better to keep this “secret forest”.
  Natural antibacterial guard. The female vulva communicates with the outside world and is adjacent to the urethra and anus, and is susceptible to bacterial infection. Pubic hair is a natural barrier that protects the private parts by reducing the risk of bacterial and viral invasion of the vulva.
  Moisture and sweat proof. There are abundant sweat glands hidden in the private parts of women. Especially when the weather is hot, the local skin will secrete sweat and become moist, and the vagina will also secrete mucus. These two liquids will not only cause skin discomfort, but also easily cause fungal infection. “Secret Forest” can dredge skin sweat and adjust the dry and wet balance of the genital skin.
  Enhanced sexual pleasure. Every hair follicle on the human body has a nerve ending at the root, and so does pubic hair. Unlike other nerve endings, the role of nerve endings at the hair follicle is to help the body sense and regulate external pressure and temperature. When the human skin is subjected to slight pressure, peripheral nerves transmit sensations to the brain. You will enjoy your partner touching your secret forest. Once shaved, there is not enough pressure sensation transmitted to the nerve endings at the hair follicle, and sexual pleasure is reduced.
  release pheromones. Pheromones are also called “pheromones”. The oils in the human sebaceous glands will form pheromones with special fragrance under the action of bacteria. Pheromones can enhance the body’s sexual sensitivity, whether male or female, curly pubic hair can collect these pheromones and stimulate people’s libido.
  Reduce friction. Physical contact during sex and long-term dressing and walking will cause certain abrasions to the skin of the genitals. Pubic hair protects the skin and reduces these frictions.
  Regulate body temperature. Hair follicles help the body sweat, and the sebaceous glands in them carry oils from the body to the hair, which in turn are transported to the surface of the skin. After the body surface oil evaporates, the skin temperature will drop, and the body heat will be dissipated, and people will feel refreshed.
  Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Some studies have shown that people with less pubic hair are more likely to develop sexually transmitted diseases. If you shave completely, you will have a higher chance of contracting some STDs such as genital herpes, human papilloma virus, and syphilis. Moreover, when shaving or beeswaxing, it will inevitably cause local hair follicle inflammation, leaving tiny wounds, which will open the door for bacteria to invade.

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